Are You Losing Heat Energy from Uninsulated Valves, Elbows, and Pipe Bends?

  • Insulate steam valves, elbows, and more

Are You Losing Heat Energy from Uninsulated Valves, Elbows, and Pipe Bends?

Bends, elbows, valves, and flanges are used extensively in industrial heat transfer equipment including heat exchangers, steam pipes, air coolers, condensate tanks, and other turnarounds in heat recovery systems. Traditional insulation for heat exchangers, valves, and other piping and equipment doesn’t easily work for these types of shapes.

It’s not easy to insulate these and other odd shaped parts with traditional wrap insulation for a number of reasons:

1. It’s nearly impossible to get a fibrous insulation to wrap tightly against the surface.

2. Typical pipe wrap is not designed for bends, valves, and odd shapes.

3. Specially made fabric covers for valves are expensive ($250-$850 per 6”-9” valve).

4. Fabric or fibrous insulations cause corrosion and degrade quickly due to moisture and dirt.

Unfortunately, many factories don’t have insulation… or have inadequate insulation… on those odd shaped parts due to the difficulty of keeping them covered. According to the Brewers Association, “Non-insulated flanges and valves also introduce temperature stress, which may cause leaks. Therefore, flanges and valves should never be left uninsulated.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy valve insulation tables, just 20 uninsulated 6” valves running at 250 psig could be costing you $5,000 per year.

Syneffex™ Coatings Insulate Your Whole Steam System – Elbows, Valves, and more

Thermal insulation coatings by Syneffex™ solve the issue of insulating these odd shaped areas. Whether you have multiple valves or heat exchangers with several bends in your steam system, everything is easily covered with a spray-on insulation. Plus, our insulation coatings are designed to pack the most power into a thin film system, so they’ll fit your steam equipment like a glove, without getting in your way.

Oh, and did we mention? They prevent corrosion too! No more corrosion under insulation.

It’s never been easier to insulate your whole system for energy savings and safety.

Check out our two main industrial options for bend, elbow, valve insulation:

EPX-H2O Insulation Coating for Steam Valves and More

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O
Heavy duty, 2-part, fast curing

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High Heat Thin Film Insulation Coating for Steam Valves and More

Heat Shield™ High Heat
Smooth finish, 1-part, thin film

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