Corporate Social Responsibility  Sustainability Series

Part 1: Energy Efficiency & Overcoming Challenges to Adopting New Technology


In today’s Sustainability Series by Syneffex™ we’re going to focus on one of the key components of a corporate sustainability report, energy efficiency. ?Energy efficiency is a growing policy priority for many organizations around the world, yet many companies are stalled at this important objective due to the lack of infrastructure for finding, vetting, and implementing new technologies.

Determining which new technologies to try, with a goal to specify across all operations, is a critical decision that can yield substantial returns to the bottom line, but the process is unwieldy and often the corporate channels for implementing new technologies are not well-defined, whether in terms of budget or in terms of the approval process. Surprisingly, there are many companies that adopt our product and are thrilled, and yet it is we who inform their counterparts around the world, because the corporate channels for communication for successful sustainable initiatives have yet to be established. 

Do you participate in the sustainability planning and implementation programs at your corporation? If so, we can help you be a “Sustainable Hero” in your organization. 


We work with companies of all sizes all over the globe that are at various stages in implementing their sustainability programs. Some of the companies that we work with are just starting their sustainability journeys and are striving to implement the most well known and obvious energy efficiency initiatives, such as replacing their light bulbs with energy efficient models, and others have extensive budgets and employ the most sophisticated robotics and automation processes available. 


What all of our plant managers have in common is intense time constraints and what we call “hat head”- having the dual responsibilities of running day-to-day operations and the mandate to improve sustainability and lower energy consumption in their focus of control from the production lines, to the power stations, to the actual physical plant itself. 


Finding time in a day, week, month or year to research and vet new technologies is a tremendous challenge amidst the intense pressure to keep production lines running and optimized. Often times the only measures that are implemented are the obvious, the known, the tried and true. Although these measures work, they can only go so far to increase the overall energy savings of your operations.  




Savvy Managers Know That Sustainability Saves Money


New Technology Is A Top Priority. When New Solutions Are Found, They Are Implemented. Rapidly!




Corporate sustainability Goals

For plant managers, engineers, and the increasingly important dedicated sustainability executives, finding the latest and most advanced technologies to try requires overcoming the trio of challenges surrounding time, money, and risk.  Syneffex™ energy saving thermal insulation coating technology is a winner on all three fronts:


1. The time commitment for implementing our coatings is

F-A-S-T! We are proud of our ability to provide Sustainability Accelerated™. You don’t have to shut down your line and our applications can typically be done in H-O-U-R-S. That is hard to beat! Couple those facts with the ability to apply the coatings with your own staff or favorite contractor and the scheduling hassle is reduced to a minimum. Simple. Quick. Those are our calling cards. 

2. Our technology is economical. What other initiative can you implement next week and have it paid for in about 6-12 months (as reported by our customers), that will affect your bottom line with a significant cost savings on energy for approximately a decade? Exactly. That’s our point. Plus, Syneffex™ creates a safe touch surface for equipment operating up to 400 F and improves the temperature of the working environment.


3. Low risk: Potential to save a reported average of 20% energy savings. That average comes not only from the lab, but also real world performance in factories… and you’ll often see case studies with higher savings. The math makes sense. Syneffex™ solutions are a “no brainer” energy saving dynamo that also prevent corrosion and they do not cause CUI. We heard today from a large power company in Canada that “this is what we have been looking for and exactly what we need. We need you to give us a full plant specification.”  Once our customers learn about us, they are ready to get moving quickly so that they can reap the rewards. 





We have made it our mission to make the lives of sustainable leaders, in a word, Simple!




We know that we can help the thought leaders and change agents in companies that reach out to us because we understand, after over a decade of providing sustainabile solutions, the challenges that our customers face internally in getting a new sustainable solutions adopted. 

Even though Syneffex™ technology has a proven track record in over 60 countries around the world, we know that many like to do an initial test project in their own plant. So, let’s get your energy efficiency project rolling. All we need is four simple things:


1. Let us know what equipment you have: _____________________

2. The dimensions: ______________________________________

3 . The operating temperature: _____________________________

4. Your energy cost per MMBTU: __________________________


We will do a specification and a quote, and we can even include the equipment for applying it. On your end, plug it in, grab a drop cloth and be saving energy in hours. 





Now THAT’S  Sustainability Accelerated!™





There are substantial rewards to those that take the risk to try new technologies to meet their energy saving sustainabile mandates. We work with companies every day that “swing for the fence” in their initiatives and it’s very exciting to be a part of their success when they begin to report back to us the following…

1. Saving money in a week, 

2. Earning a positive return in about 6-12 months, 

3. Realizing their 20% average savings for a decade or more. 


What are you waiting for? Let us help you save energy and money now. Visit our site to contact us about revving up your sustainability. 

PS: Stay turned for the next installment of our Sustainability Series from Syneffex™ :)




Our Promise To You…

With Syneffex™ Sustainability Simplified™ Technology
We’ll Make Your Sustainability Accelerated™