Corporate Social Responsibility  Sustainability Series

Part 2: Reducing Waste with Corrosion & CUI Prevention

In today’s Sustainability Series by Syneffex™ we’re going to focus on another key component of a Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) and discuss how a corrosion prevention technology can help.


While anti-corrosion isn’t typically the first consideration when checking the list of corporate sustainability goals, it fits right into a key category – Waste Reduction.

How does anti-corrosion technology reduce waste? Protecting your equipment from the ravages of corrosion and an “untimely death”, so to speak, means a longer replacement cycle and less physical waste and monetary waste purchasing equipment before it is truly needed.

It costs less to protect your equipment that it does to have to replace it early due to corrosion-caused failure. In fact, corrosion under insulation costs an estimated $2.5 trillion annualy according to a study by NACE International, and implementing corrosion prevention can result in a global savings of 15%-35% of that cost.

While a small section of steam pipe might not seem like a lot to replace, imagine a huge 20 foot high processing tank being rusted and needing replacement before its natural lifespan. Suddenly your costs go up considerably, and not just for replacing equipment, but also for the accompanying labor and landfill fees to dispose of the old equipment according to regulations. What a hassle!

It’s much easier to use Syneffex™ coatings. While they are sought after most for their powerful energy saving benefits, they are a concentrated, multipurpose technology that also prevents corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI). The insulating component we use is highly hydrophobic, highly moisture repellent, which allows our coatings to provide phenomenal anti-corrosion properties. 

For details on our superb anti-corrosion performance, check out our third party testing details here.


Some Key Ways that Syneffex™ Coatings Can Contribute to Your Waste Reduction Goals:


– Preserve metal assets to reduce waste and the energy required to make new items.

– Aid in the refurbishing and reuse of tanks, pipes and other equipment.

– Prevent waste by coating your outdoor structures, including handrails, metal cages, awnings, statues and beams.


Interesting factoid: Our coatings have been used on handrails and metal structures by municipalities and in coastal towns to both keep the surface cool in the summer and stop corrosion

To give you an example of a sustainable corporation that takes waste reduction seriously, let’s take a look at Walmart. They have a goal of achieving zero waste across their global operations. A lofty goal like this is achievable through reuse, recycling and repurposing, and also by making sure that your structures and equipment last as long as possible.




Engineered to Solve Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)


Syanvax™ coatings go where no coating has gone before! Solving your most difficult issues.


Nanocoatings that are Water-Based and Water Repellent

When people see first hand the outstanding anti-corrosion properties of our Heat Shield™ line of insulation coatings, they can’t believe the technology is water-based. That’s advanced technology in action!

Just take a look at this field test that we did for a large metals manufacturer. This brand new ductile iron pipe was coated on one side with our Heat Shield™ Translucent PT coating, scored and then submerged in the Gulf of Mexico for a 30-day real world trial.

You can see in the photo above that after 30-days the uncoated area is already showing signs of corrosion while the side coated with our PT coating is pristine, and does not even have any creep or corrosion infiltration at the score marked areas.

I’ve been through many a factory with pipes both indoor and outdoor corroding due to substandard insulation. Those factories can both save money from replacement cost and reduce accidents from pipe bursts by protecting their equipment with Syneffex™ coatings in addition to meeting their corporate sustainability goals for waste reduction. 



We have made it our mission to make the lives of sustainable leaders, in a word, Simple!



That’s more than one CSR goal checked off! (energy efficiency + waste reduction) with one amazing technology! And there’s more to come…

Stay tuned for our next segment in our Sustainability Series.

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