Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Series

Part 8: Protect Surfaces from UV Fading and Damage 


In this week’s CSR Series, we are going to take a look at the damaging impact of harmful UV rays and how to stop them from fading and destroying structures and building exteriors.

Most people understand the damage that UV radiation causes to painted surfaces and vinyl siding. The UV causes fading over time, and often other issues like cracking and peeling of exterior paints. Many commercial property owners have to repaint or replace exterior building elements due to the damaging effects of UV rays far before their functional lifespan is up.

But did you know UV rays can also be detrimental to steel buildings and structures?

According to Armstrong Steel Building Systems, “The sun and its UV rays are the biggest threat to your metal roof and if you put a dark colored roof on your building, you could be unknowingly contributing to its negative health. Dark colors absorb the sun’s UV rays and could cause your roof to weaken and split. This weakness could eventually cause leaks in your building.”

The right insulation coating, like Syneffex™ Translucent PT (for metal) or Energy Protect™ (for non-metal) can not only save energy and reduce the heat gain from the sun, it can also provide important protection from UV caused degradation and color fading.

Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings have a special built-in component that reduces the impact of harmful UV rays. The technology has been tested over glass and was shown to reduce UV transmission by 80%, while still allowing through 90-92% of the visible light to shine through.

Our coatings have also been tested in UV aging cabinets, passing the 10-year equivalent with no discoloration or yellowing and no loss of adhesion. We keep UV away and keep your surfaces protected.

The Costly Effects of Weathering

According to FEMA, the combined effects of both sun (UV rays) and water on building materials are multiple, unless they are protected from it. UV and Weathering can cause:

– Fading of finishes

– Accelerated checking and splitting of wood

– Gradual loss of thickness of wood

– Degradation of physical properties (e.g., embrittlement of asphalt shingles)

The  effects  of  weathering  reduce  the  life  of  building  materials. Even finishes intended to protect exterior materials fade in the sun, sometimes in only a few years, if they’re not protected with a technology like Syneffex™ coatings.

UV Can Impact the Interior Too

And UV doesn’t only impact the exterior of a building or structure. UV rays streaming through skylights or windows can cause fading and damage of internal materials as well (carpets, furniture, artwork), not to mention increased heat inside a home or building.


Case In Point – Frost Art Museum

Syneffex™ was contacted many years ago to provide a sustainable solution for the Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida.

The museum was designed with beautiful skylights to let in natural light, however the UV rays penetrating those skylights were causing damage to the priceless works of art inside.

Our Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating provided them with a perfect solution to coat the skylights and still enjoy the natural light, while greatly reducing the damaging UV rays and protecting the art inside. The coating also insulated the skylights, lowering energy costs.

Multi Purpose Technology

Syneffex™ coatings were designed to address multiple issues in a single product, which is why they have no comparison on the market. Some products insulate, some products provide weathering resistance, and some provide mold resistance…

But our coatings do that in a single product! 

Multi-benefit, multi-cost savings. That’s Brilliant!

If you’d like to learn more about our solutions for UV and weathering resistance, give us a call or email us anytime. Let us give you the benefits that many customers report back to us that they enjoy… 20%-40% on energy costs PLUS lower maintenance and replacement costs for building materials.

UV can cause irreparable damage to more than just your skin – Contact us today for a clear coat solution!

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