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Over 47 Percent Savings On Manufacturing Energy Costs 

If you’ve been following our Syneffex™ Sustainability Series then you know we care quite a lot about helping organizations save money and live and work more sustainably. Our patented and award-winning thermal insulation technology saves our customers energy, improves safety, lowers carbon footprints, and increases asset longevity.

Just call us a “one stop shop” for sustainability!

 Many new customers see all the great data on our products, but still wonder what the real world benefits for them may be. Well, we have a new case study hot off the presses that can help further illustrate that in real time.

 Big Savings on Textile Heat Process Equipment

 A customer of ours who manufactures textiles, Nerteks, couldn’t be happier with the results of their energy saving trial using Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ High Heat thermal insulation and corrosion control coating. Our distributor in Turkey (Kolorgen Ltd) assisted them with an evaluation of their steam consumption savings over a period of three months. They lowered their energy consumption and energy costs by 47.5%. Outstanding!

 Insulating heat process equipment, especially the type that’s not easy to insulate, like yarn dyeing machines, can significantly impact your bottom line.

 Here are all the details on how Nerteks saved big:

 They calculate energy consumption by measuring condensed water (used steam) through hot water meters. 

 Side by side measurements were made on both un-insulated machines and machines coated with 10-coats of Heat Shield™ High Heat thermal insulation coating.

 To compensate for hot water meter differences, the meters were taken off one machine and installed onto the other and vice versa.

 The measurements were collected over 3 months the average is calculated. 

Results per Yarn Dyeing Process Cycle: 

Steam use uncoated machine:                             4890 kg

Steam use High Heat insulated machine:            2569 kg

SAVINGS OF: 2321 kg steam per process cycle


Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption

For those of you who love the details:

Energy Consumption Data for a Polyester Yarn Dyeing Process Cycle of 185 minutes

Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption

But I don’t dye yarn. What does this mean to me?

 That’s a great question! You see, multiple heat processes all use energy that originates in boilers, runs through steam and condensate piping, and powers the end equipment process. Whether it is a yarn dyeing machine, bottle washer, black liquor tank, industrial oven, or pasteurizer, insulating that equipment and the associated piping reduces steam consumption and thus your cost to run the process and get the same or better results.

 Interesting Fact: In the textile dyeing process, our coatings have actually been noted to improve the color consistency of the dye lot because they provide a more reliable insulation than older methods. #BonusPoints

 So your main decision is whether you want to insulate with an innovative thermal insulation coating made to last for a decade or more in all types of harsh environments without degrading, or if you want to stay with the same fiberglass or mineral wool that causes corrosion and needs replacing every few years due to moisture and dirt.

 We can help you with the numbers you need to make a decision. Just request a complimentary specification for your heat process equipment (or building envelope project) and see how much better insulating with Syneffex™ coatings can be.



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