When most people hear about insulating coatings, they envision keeping homes and buildings cooler during hot summer months. It’s true that this is one of the benefits, but what most people don’t realize is that Temperature Control Coatings (TCC) like  Syneffex™  work just as well in the colder winter months as they do in the summer. Insulation to Stay Warm In The Winter The same cannot typically be said for white reflective coatings. This is because reflectivity can only help lower energy costs in the summer, but not in the winter – and may actually have a “heating penalty” in the winter – raising heating costs. But Temperature Control Coatings (TCC) are a different breed altogether. They don’t simply reflect the heat, but instead act as any other true insulator, reducing heat conduction. And since heat always transfers to cold, this means that in the summer TCCs help keep homes and buildings cooler, and in the winter, they help keep homes and buildings warmer. One country that is definitely familiar with cold winter temperatures is the UK, and a homeowner there shared his positive experience with the Syneffex™ Distributor in the UK:

“For application I would give the product 5 stars, and for insulative ability again 5 stars.”

“In Early 2014, I purchased a gallon of Syneffex’s HomeProtect Clear to insulate a wooden garden room which was built to house a model railway system. Prior to applying the HomeProtect I fully protected the interior and exterior with wood preserver, I also sealed the exterior with a proprietary water sealant. The HomeProtect coating was applied as instructed with a roller. It was easy to apply and took no more than two to three days to coat all of the 12 ft. x 10 ft. room. Everyone who entered the room commented on how warm and damp free it was, even on cold and wet days. I have now moved houses and will be erecting a much larger 20 ft. x 16 ft. log cabin. As a satisfied customer, I will also be using the same to insulate and seal the new log cabin which is of the Swedish style constructed from 44 x 110 mm logs, fully confident of the end result. For application I would give the product 5 stars, and for insulative ability again 5 stars. I cannot comment on the claim of it resistance to mould except that by the time that my house was sold and I moved out, approximately 1 year, the interior did not show any fungus whatsoever.” Best wishes.  Tony UK Cold Weather Case Studies In addition to this cold weather case study about the benefits of Syneffex™ TCC, there are also several others from places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Alaska. One of those listed from Connecticut shows a 41% reduction in heating oil costs from insulating with Syneffex™ HomeProtect coating. View others at www.synavax.com/residential-homes-green-sustainable-case-studies/  The future of all season insulation is Temperature Control Coatings. They are resistant to compression, moisture, mold, and dirt, all of which can degrade the performance of traditional fiberglass or rockwool insulation. More and more homeowners, home builders, and building owners have discovered that TCCs like Syneffex™ are the future of energy saving insulation, and they are choosing them to insulate walls, roofs, ceilings, and more. Learn about Temperature Control Coatings (TCC) technology for yourself at www.synavax.com.

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