Saving energy for the textile industry.

This month we begin a series that celebrates how Syneffex’s message of Sustainability Simplified™ has resonated with industries around the world. Our patented and award winning thermal insulation coatings have lowered energy costs, protected assets, improved worker safety, and reduced carbon emissions for organizations of all shapes and sizes in nearly every country since 2004.

We begin by highlighting one of the first industries to embrace and adopt our technology – starting just a year after it came on the market, the Textile Manufacturing Industry.

Sustainable Textile Manufacturing

The Textile manufacturing industry has been significantly and positively impacted by Syneffex ’s temperature control coatings. The first application was done on a textile yarn dyeing machine, which was overseen by Turkish distributor Kologen Ltd. in 2005. Due to the humid factory environment, other older forms of insulation could not be easily used on dyeing machines and other equipment in this industry, so huge amounts of energy were lost because their equipment couldn’t be insulated – traditional fiberglass or mineral wool simply couldn’t stand up to the environment.

When Henateks Textile, a manufacturer for Nike, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger, first tried the coatings and achieved an overall energy savings of 20% with payback in only 7 months, they knew they’d finally found a simple way to reduce energy costs. The coatings were easily sprayed on the exterior of the equipment and stood up extremely well to the hot humid environment. The EPX-H2O coating even had splash resistance to chemicals, so if the dye splashed onto the outside of the tank as yarn was being pulled out, the coating could handle it.

After the results of the initial application were published in several industry trade magazines, multiple textile manufacturers followed, and in addition to applications for dyeing machines, they included coated boilers, steam pipes, dryers, heat exchangers and more.

The largest manufacturer in the world of industrial yarn and thread did a full 38 factory sustainability project with our EPX-H2O and High Heat coatings, reducing carbon emissions by a projected 2% and overall energy use by over 10%, while also making the factory environment cooler for the workers.

A natural progression from many in the textile industry adopting Syneffex insulation technology as a standard was that the manufacturers of their equipment, namely dyeing machines, have taken notice. The Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is now being used by textile machine manufacturer Ornek Makine as an OEM application, sending pre-insulated dyeing machines to clients in the U.S. and other countries.

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