Tips to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Protect Insulation Coating

  • Tips to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Protect Insulation Coating

Tips to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Protect Insulation Coating

In many areas, the chill of autumn has already begun, with temperatures dropping close to freezing overnight then shooting back up during midday. This the perfect time to prepare your home or building for the cold months of winter and lock in lower heating costs before the really cold temperatures hit.

The ease of application and versatility of Syneffex™ Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating makes it the perfect product to tackle a number of heat loss areas to keep your building warmer and heating costs lower.

Here are some of the ways you can insulate now for energy savings this winter (and year-round!).

Insulate Attic or Ceilings

Hot air rises, which means most heat lost in a home or building goes right through the roof. An improperly insulated attic or ceiling, if there is no attic above it, can mean 30 to 50 percent of a home’s heating energy is lost.

Energy Protect™ is a clear coating that can be painted over attics or ceilings to increase thermal resistance and also provide additional benefits of mold/mildew and moisture resistance. It can even be used over wood cathedral ceilings without changing the visual appearance. Just like this energy saver in New York.

Insulate Walls or Problem Areas

Do you have an office that never can seem to get warm enough? A problem upstairs bedroom that’s impossible to heat without costing a fortune?

Energy Protect™ insulation coating is painted on at a 3 coat coverage, no dealing with fiberglass or messy foam needed. Just an easy application with a sprayer, brush, or roller. This makes it easy to paint the walls of problem areas that need additional insulation affordably.

Insulate Skylights or Factory Windows

Skylights and windows are notorious energy loss areas. For any skylights or windows that don’t need to be completely transparent, Energy Protect™ can be used to seal up that heat loss and improve energy efficiency. The coating will still allow 90-92% of the visible light to shine through while reducing UV ray penetration that can fade or damage interior furnishings or carpeting.

How Much Can You Save?

Building and homeowner customers typically report saving between 20% to 40% on both heating and cooling costs with Syneffex™ coatings. Want to see some real world results? Just read through some of our winter building/home case studies below.

How Would You Like a Lower Energy Bill this Winter?

Energy Protect™ is a simple do-it-yourself application that’s as easy as painting! Just measure the area you’re insulating and divide that by 150 to see how many gallons you need. Each gallon covers 150 S.F. at the recommended 3 coats.

Then just order online here and start saving energy year-round.

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