Can you believe it’s already March? Q1 of 2017 is flying by. Did you make energy saving resolutions this year? 

If so, how are you doing as we enter the last month of Q1? 

It’s still early, so you have time to set some goals and realize significant energy and money savings. Many of you are waiting for Q2 to begin your outdoor projects, when landscape changes from white or brown to green and the weather starts to warm up. That’s when many of our customers kick into their version of Spring Maintenance. 

 Mother Nature’s seasons have a rhythm and and often we feel energized to tackle these projects because of them when the snow starts to melt and the new buds of spring start to peek through. 

 Are you ready for your energy savings and asset protection projects? 

 Now is the time to commit to your projects—no matter what stage of the planning process that you are in, we can help you keep things simple and achieve impressive energy savings fast and protect surfaces to bring your maintenance costs down! 

Here are our Technical Team’s top 5 ways to prepare your facility for spring:

1. Choose Equipment to Insulate for the Biggest Energy Savings Impact

You can start reducing your industrial energy consumption by a reported 10% – 25% or more right away. 

Our team recommends that you use our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O insulation coating on your hottest equipment first (up to 400F/204C) to significantly lower your energy consumption, while also protecting your equipment from corrosion.

With a cure time of just a few hours (hot surface) to a few days, you can still show a positive impact on your Q1 energy saving stats if you start right away.

For our industrial customers, we recommend that they start insulating ovens, boilers, heat exchangers, and steam pipes first, because they tend to be the most energy intensive.

Did you know that boiler inefficiencies can cost companies 30%-50% or more per year?

Some customers we’ve helped include:

  • Henateks Textile: Energy costs reduced by 20%
  • Blue Line Brewery: Production increased by 30%
  • Regional Hospital Boiler: Energy use reduced by over 60%
  • Elasteks Textile: Energy costs reduced by 51%

 Remember, your heat process might include dye pots, boilers, steam lines, processing tanks, or other industry specific equipment, but even though the shapes may be different, and the final products may be different, the laws of thermodynamics for insulating a heat processing manufacturing line is the same.

 2. Treat and Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion can be a costly issue both for pipes and tanks that get pinhole leaks (see inset below) and for exterior structures and metal roofs and buildings.

Now is a great time to clean and repair any corrosion damage and then treat it with a Syneffex™ anti-corrosion solution to keep it from coming back and lower your ongoing maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion damage.

Step 1: Identify corroded areas and wire brush away any flaking rust.

Step 2: Treat area with a rust neutralizer/converter.

Step 3: Coat the area with a Syneffex™ anti-corrosion product, such as:

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O if you need insulation PLUS anti-corrosion

Translucent PT, if you have a lower temperature metal roof or building and need building insulation PLUS anti-corrosion

ProtectX™ Interior 4600 if you need to protect a pipe or tank from corrosion from the inside.

3. Powerwash Buildings Then Prevent Mold and Mildew for at least 10-years

Does your maintenance team have to constantly clean the exterior of your building or rental properties that you own? Or you may have to hire an outside contractor to do it, which costs even more.

How would you like to keep those surfaces, like roofs, walls, and decorative structures, clean for 10-years or more? 

It’s possible with Syneffex™ solutions. Our Crystal Roof coating can be easily coated onto multiple roof types for both insulation to lower building heat and cooling costs and to provide ongoing mold/mildew and UV resistance.

If you have exterior walls or other structures you’d like to keep clean, then our Energy Protect™ coating can so the same thing for you. Insulate and keep surfaces mold resistant to lower your cleaning costs and keep your buildings bright and beautiful.

4. Protect Surfaces from Moisture and Ice Damage

Do you have concrete tanks, brick walls, or other exterior surfaces that get damaged by moisture infiltration?

As the winter freeze thaws, we don’t just see new potholes and cracks forming in the roads due to moisture freezing during the winter. The same thing happens with other concrete and brick surfaces.

This year, as the ice melts and you’re dealing with moisture and damage caused by moisture and ice, do something that will keep it from coming back. Coat the prepared surface with our clear Energy Protect™ coating. Besides being a thermal insulator, it is highly moisture repellent, but still breathable – meaning you have the best of both worlds. Excellent moisture protection that won’t cause harmful moisture build up in your tank or building structure.

5. Insulate Ductwork to Lower Costs and Keep Your Building Healthy

Many large buildings have part of their HVAC ductwork on their roofs. If it’s insulated with fiberglass or mineral wool with aluminum cladding, most likely moisture degrades it pretty easily, which leads to reduced performance, corrosion under insulation, and an incubator for mold and mildew that can make its way into your heating and air system. Not good!

Syneffex™ Energy Protect™ coating is an easy to use, non-toxic, anti-mold insulation that you can simply paint on to the exterior and interior ductwork, and it doesn’t require any cladding or jacketing… it’s naturally weathering resistant.

Get Ready for Spring | Conclusion

So even though March is already here, you still have plenty of time to make significant cost saving changes that will impact profitability and longevity in Q1 and many months and years ahead.

We know that in the midst of running day-to-day operations, plant and facility managers don’t often have the time needed to research a solution and present it to the people they need to. 

That’s where we can help! 

Whether your preferred communication is a quick chat (chat line), a phone call (800-858-3176), an email (, or a Q and A Webinar Overview about Sustainable Solutions, (March 9, 2017), we are here to help you along your path to a successful energy saving and/or surface protection project! 

If you already have the target equipment in your sights, just fill out our Request for Specification and we will have a full proposal back to you in just 1-2 business days.

Take advantage of Mother Nature’s infusion of spring energy to get your energy savings blossoming for you and your corporation. Connect with us today and we will work with you to make your plans come to fruition, simply and quickly, to help you save money, improve equipment lifespan, and lower maintenance costs.





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