With hotter temperatures on the horizon, many facility managers are looking for ways to keep their office buildings, factories, and warehouses cooler while also keeping them energy efficient.

Worker productivity can be directly correlated to the temperature of the working environment. Many studies show the optimum temperature for productivity is 71.6F (22C). Raise the temperature to 86F (30C) and productivity can decrease as much as 16%.

So, insulating buildings doesn’t only mean better energy efficiency and lower costs for running your HVAC unit, it also improves employee health and safety and productivity.

But how do you increase the thermal insulation of a building or home easily and affordably?

With Syneffex™ paint-on thermal insulation coatings!

Thermal Insulation Coatings for Walls & Roofs

The patented coating technology sold by Syneffex™ is an advanced form of insulation that can be applied as easily as a paint. Simply apply three coats to walls (interior or exterior) and ceilings or two to three coats on roofs to significantly increase the thermal resistance of your building while also helping to keep it cooler in the summer (and warmer in the winter).

The beauty of an insulation coating is that it’s perfect for any size building, from quonset huts to large factory buildings to offices to homes. Syneffex™ insulation coatings for buildings are applied with a standard paint sprayer, brush, or roller, making installation easy to fit into any schedule as time allows.

Savings and performance are significant!

Energy Protect™ clear thermal insulation coating for walls, ceilings and skylights:

The coating has been shown to reduce heat conduction by 34.8% in independent testing, at a 3-coat coverage.

In a residential attic case study, the coating reduced the unconditioned attic temperature by 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

CrystalShield™ clear roof insulation coating for tile, metal, and other roof types:

The coating has been shown to reduce heat conduction by 29.7% in independent testing, at a 2-coat coverage.

In a data center case study, the coating reduced the interior temperature of the cooled data center by 27% and stopped servers from overheating in the summer.

Ways to Keep Your Building Cooler this Summer

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