Did you know that fiberglass and mineral wool with cladding have been around since the early 1900’s?

Upgrade your insulation

Telephones have also been around since that time.

Are you still using that early 1900’s phone? Of course not. We now all have smart phones that take photos, fit in our pockets and are mini computers. Technology has advanced and gotten smaller, smarter, and more powerful.

Outdated technology

So… Why would you not also upgrade your insulation? It has also gotten smaller, smarter, and more powerful as technology has advanced.

Just take a look at a real world example below from one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world – Sinopec, China’s state owned oil and gas company. They knew an upgrade was desperately needed and they took the steps to improve the way they insulated their infrastructure.

Insulation Case Study – Oil and Gas Industry

Sinopec did a winter-long trial to compare the insulating and anti-corrosion properties of our Heat Shield™ High Heat coating with the older technology they had been using previously, which was mineral wool (aka: Rockwool) and aluminum cladding. They weren’t happy at all with this older technology, because it caused corrosion under insulation (CUI), which was very costly for them to repair, and needed to be replaced approximately every two years due to moisture infiltration.

They were looking for an insulation that would stay in place for a decade or more, stand up to the harsh salt spray environment on the offshore platform in the East China Sea, and stop corrosion of the fuel oil storage tank.

They found the answer in 21st Century Syneffex™ coatings.

Fuel oil storage tank insulation project: A successful winter study from October 2012 to March 2013 with Heat Shield™ High Heat coating for insulation and corrosion control.

The old, soggy rockwool and the aluminum cladding were removed and the corroded area treated.

Heat Shield™ High Heat was applied to the offshore fuel oil storage tank at a 0.6mm dry film thickness, as compared to the 80mm of Rockwool they were replacing.

The tank had to be kept between 68C and 72C (154.4F and 161.6F) during the cold winter months.

The coating provided Sinopec with a better solution for insulation and corrosion control of their fuel storage tanks, which lasted much longer than other insulation options, therefore greatly reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time.

The final analysis showed that the 0.6mm of Heat Shield™ High Heat insulation coating was as effective and insulated at a similar level (within 3 degrees C) of the 80mm rock wool insulation, plus it solved the corrosion issue and provided a cost effective solution that would stand up to the harsh ocean environment without degrading.

Application costs were also lower due to an easy spray-on application and no need to affix aluminum cladding… and maintenance costs over time were greatly reduced.

Sinopec Insulation Upgrade Case Study

Upgrade Your Insulation and Save!

Do you have issues with insulation that degrades easily or causes corrosion?

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