One of the extremely helpful “bonus benefits” of our thermal insulation and protective coatings is that they are naturally mold/mildew/fungi resistant. That means we do not use harsh chemicals in our products to kill mold, it just simply won’t grow on the coating surface.

Most types of homes, building, and factory insulation can trap moisture and act as a breeding ground for dangerous mold. It may even be happening in your walls or attic or on your wine storage tanks or duct insulation without you even being aware, until the occupants of the building or home start to have symptoms.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) also found limited or suggestive evidence linking indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children.

While most people use our coatings for the energy saving benefit, many customers also find the mold resistance a huge cost saver for roofs, walls, and in food and beverage production facilities, and also a benefit that gives them peace of mind for an overall healthy environment.

On the outside, the mold resistance can keep surfaces clean and significantly reduce maintenance costs. On the inside, they can do that plus improve the overall health of the building by helping reduce the chance of mold growth on walls, ceilings, equipment, and ductwork.

Insulation Fit for a King (or Sultan)!

We were pleased to have our Energy Protect™ coating chosen, after a year long government field study, by the government of the tropical nation of Brunei. Our coating was used to protect the marble palace walls from the continual mold growth, and help keep them looking great while also reducing the continual cleaning costs.

Mold and mildew resistant insulation

How Do We do It? 

This is a common question, as most mold resistant coatings use harsh chemicals to keep mold away, but because our coatings are hydrophobic (water repelling), there just isn’t enough moisture in the film to support the growth of the mold, mildew or fungi spores.

How Do We Know Our Coatings Are Mold Resistant?

Our coatings have undergone several independent laboratory tests and field studies lasting a year or more by organizations in all climates around the word, including the most humid and tropical. They’ve passed all testing with flying colors.

See our test references here.

Check out our field studies here.

Some Common Questions

Considering buying our Crystal or Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coatings for mold resistance? Here are a few common questions answered:

Q: Do I need to clean mold off the surface before applying your coating?

A: Yes, the surface does need to be clean and dry before application of our coatings. Our coatings don’t kill mold, they prevent the growth of mold/mildew on the coating surface. So once cleaned and our coatings applied, the mold won’t return (i.e. won’t grow on our coating that is now firmly bonded with the wall/roof/tank or other surface).

Q: Will your coatings stop mold growing inside the wall?

A: Our coating can’t stop mold growing where they aren’t coated. If you have mold inside a wall cavity, then it would need to be cleaned, and the coating applied inside that area in order to keep mold away.

Q: Will your coating stop black mold from growing on my roof?

A: Yes! We went the extra mile and had a special long-term independent laboratory test performed on them for resistance to Gloeocapsa magma (the prehistoric bacteria that causes black mold on roofs). They stopped it in its tracks.

Q: If I want to just protect a surface from mold, but don’t need energy savings, how many coats should I use?

A: If you are just looking to prevent mold growth on a surface, you can use 2 coats of our products. Each gallon of Crystal or Energy Protect™ will cover 225 S.F. (21 m2) at a two coat application.

So, if you’re looking to prevent mold/mildew/fungi growth on surfaces, we can definitely provide you with some excellent solutions that can do that, plus a whole lot more! Just drop us a line, and we’ll get a recommendation and quote right out to you!