Most people understand the energy saving benefits of thermal insulation coatings pretty clearly. They are coated onto steam pipes, tanks and other surfaces to reduce heat loss and save energy. For example, Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O by Syneffex™ can lower surface temperatures dramatically, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with just two thin coats, and has been demonstrated to reduce the surface temperature from 393F to 231F, a 162F difference, with just 6-coats. But there is another huge savings opportunity that’s not always as evident… Pinhole Leaks Can Cost More Than You Know! When a pinhole leak happens beneath traditional fiberglass or mineral wool with cladding, it can take days, weeks or more before it is noticed. Being hidden under this older insulation system means that the leak can remain undetected as the steam saturates the surrounding insulation, growing larger until finally discovered, then the whole insulation system has to be taken off and replaced while you try to find and repair it. With Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O or Heat Shield™ High Heat the insulation doubles as an anticorrosive, so the coatings prevent the corrosion in the first place. In the unlikely event that there is a pinhole leak in the future, the whole system doesn’t have to be taken off and replaced. The steam will penetrate through the coating at the exact location of the leak and you can simply sand, grind or use a chemical remover on approximately a 3” to 4” circle around the leak, repair the leak, then just coat back over it when finished. Much easier and less costly. How much are those pinhole corrosion leaks costing you? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a leak that is just 1/4” could cost you $1,630 per month. (see chart below)

The Cost of Pinhole Leaks

How Does EPX-H2O Stack up to Fiberglass or Mineral Wool? Fiberglass insulation has been around since about 1938, yet amazingly is still prevalent in factories. Change doesn’t always come easy, even if there is a better way. Take a look at the chart for an overview of the benefits of using EPX-H2O insulation coating instead of an older fibrous insulation. You’ll be surprised to see that new technology doesn’t necessarily cost more. It can be less expensive, while being more effective. We’ve actually just performed a major upgrade on our EPX formulation to make it better, faster, and less expensive too. Still Undecided? Try an Easy Insulating Kit Making changes in equipment insulation can be a big decision at any factory or facility, so Syneffex™ has made it simple for you to try out the EPX-H2O coating with an easy insulating kit for steam pipes, tanks, and more. Check out the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Premiere Kit here, and get started with the next generation of insulation!