When the temperature rises to 90F-110F+ (32-43C+) outside, it can be miserable inside a factory with hot equipment. I’ve been in some factories, where they have to keep a large supply of Gatorade on hand during the summer to help keep employees from overheating.

I’ve also been in boiler rooms (with required hard hat) in the summer, and nearly had heat stroke. I wondered how the employees that worked there on a daily basis managed that heat. That was actually one of the reasons that factory called us, to help them deal with the heat in that working environment.

Hot surfaces like steam pipes and boilers are always an issue for safe to touch reasons, but can also add to high temperature inside a building by radiating heat into an already hot environment. Additionally, when you have heat inside and outside, air conditioning has a hard time keeping up.

We also get calls throughout the summer about outdoor structures like handrails and benches that get heated by the sun past to the point of burning or being too-hot-to-touch.

So, how do you solve all these heat related issues? What would you say if you knew that you could solve them all with one single, amazing technology!

Our dynamic thermal insulation coatings come in a variety of options. You can use our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O for heavy duty equipment applications or our Translucent PT as an invisible barrier on handrails to keep them cool in the summer.

Here’s a rundown of how COOL your summer can be with Syneffex™ coatings.

Stop Heat Radiating into Hot Working Environments:

Coating your boilers, steam pipes, ovens and other hot indoor equipment not only saves energy, it can save your employees from a very hot working environment.

Keep the heat inside your equipment where it belongs, and keep the warehouse or factory floor cooler. Plus, you gain extra energy saving benefit because your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard.

Hot Handrails

Keep Handrails Cool:

Organizations of all types have a liability when outdoor handrails or guardrails are heated up by the sun to 155-165F or more. It means that anyone visiting your grounds could potentially get burned.

Just 6-coats of our Translucent PT coating can reduce the heating up impact from the sun and make the surface touch-comfortable. Because it’s clear, your aesthetics stay just the way you want them.

Meet Safe Touch Guidelines for Equipment

Year-round, companies have to meet OSHA guidelines for a safe working environment, which includes ensuring surfaces are at approximately 140F or lower (“safe touch”).

Our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating can take a burn temperature surface down to safe touch in just a few hours. Check out this thermal imaging video below. 

Be Smart. Be Bold. Beat the Heat and Save Money Too!

If you’d like a recommendation as to which product and coverage would meet your needs. Just fill out our Request a Specification Form, and we’ll have a recommendation back to you in just 1-2 business days.

You can also check out our coatings for yourself on our site, we have several online resources for an easy “self-help” for all your thermal insulation needs.

Stay Cool Out There!