Phoenix, Arizona is projected to have a high today of 119F (48.3C), Death Valley, CA is clocking in at 121F (49C), and “hot spot” Ejido Nuevo Leon, Mexico a high of 121.46F (49.7C) … and it’s just the second official day of summer!

Now is the time that our phones start ringing off the hook with people looking for easy-to-use insulation solutions to give them some relief from the heat, and two of the worst areas of heat transfer are windows and skylights.

Glass is much thinner than a wall or roof and heat transfers substantially faster through glass and plexiglass than other building areas.

For those of you that have skylights or windows where you don’t mind them having a slightly translucent look, our patented Energy Protect™ coating can provide an easy answer to skylight insulation.

Just take a look at this thermal imaging data below that was performed over glass. It shows a potential of 40% energy savings from just a 3-coat application of Energy Protect™.

hot skylights

Glare, UV Damage, and Warping

We’ve all heard of how you can use a magnifying glass to magnify the sun’s heat on a hot day to start a fire. The sun streaming through or reflecting off a glass surface can create multiple issues beyond just making your building uncomfortably hot or having to spend a small fortune on A/C costs.

I remember one day receiving a call from a municipality because a glass art structure was reflecting the sun onto a building and causing warping of the metal paneling. We’ve also received similar calls from museums and public buildings that had UV damage issues due to the sun that was at first welcomed through their skylights, but then became a costly problem.

And, let’s not leave out the many office buildings that strive to use daylighting as a way to reduce the need for electric lighting, only to then have occupants have to draw the blinds because of the harsh glare.

Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating solves all these issues by:

  • Reducing heat radiating through the windows/skylights
  • Diffusing the light to prevent harsh glare
  • Blocking about 80% of the damaging UV rays, while allowing 92% of the visible light to come through
  • Insulating to lower energy costs

We’ve Helped:

  • Whole Foods – Skylights
  • Cornwell Quality Tools – Factory Windows
  • Frost Art Museum, Miami – Skylights
  • Tampa Bay Port Authority – Skylights

Coating your skylights and factory windows with Energy Protect™ costs just a fraction of what replacing them with low-e glass costs. Your payback will typically be about 3-5 years, rather than about 25-30 with low-e window/skylight replacement.

That’s an easy decision!

Need some help with heat streaming through your skylights or windows? Get some easy to apply Energy Protect™ today and get cool fast!