We are often asked to do a comparison between our patented 21st century thermal insulation and protective coatings and 20th century fiberglass or mineral wool insulation. The first question I always ask is, “Do you want that comparison before or after it’s installed?”.

What happens when fibrous insulation is compressed, gets dirty, or gets moist or wet?

Its thermal performance significantly suffers.

What happens then a thin film thermal insulation coating like ours gets compressed, gets dirty, or gets moist or wet?

Well, not much. Our coatings are designed to repel moisture, dirt can’t get into them once they’re dry, and compression is not even an issue.

Seeing is believing, so we have a quick demonstration using a sample of R-30 fiberglass batt insulation, a sample of three coats of our clear Energy Protect™ coating for building surfaces applied to a marble wall section, and a sample of 2-coats of our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating for industrial pipes, tanks and equipment applied to a piece of metal.

As you watch the video below, how do YOU think the performance for each material is changing?