The Benefits of Using Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Insulation

The Benefits of Using Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Insulation

When you’re trying to improve energy efficiency and safety in your facility, whether that’s a factory or commercial building, you don’t want the materials you use to cause additional issues. That’s why keeping in mind the toxicity and flammability of an insulation is important to avoiding unintended liabilities down the road.

One of the most notorious examples of an insulation causing dangerous issues for companies and their employees is asbestos. It was in use widely as building and pipe insulation until it was found that asbestos fibers can cause cancer and other serious health issues. In 1973 and 1989, the U.S. EPA issued rules that banned asbestos-containing products.

Another example of insulation that can cause trouble would be flammable insulations, like some types of spray foams. We had a client that owned a large metal storage facility and he came to us because he needed a better, non-flammable insulation solution. He had previously been using a spray foam on the perimeter and ceiling of his building for insulation. One day a fire started in one of the units and once it reached the foam insulation, which was highly flammable, it spread throughout the building quickly. We helped him with a water-based, effective insulation coating that was both non-toxic and non-flammable.

Why Syneffex™ Insulation Coatings are a Safe Choice

We hear a number of requests out in the field for both insulation and anti-corrosion coatings that are safer to use and don’t have potential health and safety hazards.

Issues that we hear from plant and facility managers about some of their current materials are:

  • Flammable
  • Have bad fumes
  • Combustable
  • Have toxic fibers
  • Breed mold when damp
  • Are corrosive

Syneffex™ coatings are engineered to be environmentally friendly and safe to work with and work around. We don’t use any solvent-based formulations, our coatings are all water-based. They’re designed to not only help companies become more sustainable, but to be a sustainable product themselves.

Key safety benefits of Syneffex™ thermal insulation and corrosion prevention coatings include:

Syneffex™ coatings not only perform with long-term energy savings, temperature reduction, and surface protection, they also offer a safe option without dangerous liabilities.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

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