Lead Encapsulation for Any Substrate (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Lead Paint, Brick & More)

  • Lead Encapsulation for Any Substrate

Lead Encapsulation for Any Substrate (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Lead Paint, Brick & More)

When large commercial projects are being remediated for lead, there’s often more than just a single surface type to cover. And if contractors aren’t using the right lead encapsulation solution, that means they may have to purchase primers for corrosion or different coatings for different surface types.

What they really want is one powerful lead encapsulation coating that can be used on everything. What they need is LeadX™… an all-in-one lead encapsulation solution that can be used over multiple substrate types, no primer needed.

Additionally, LeadX™ gives you the versatility to keep the look of the underlying substrate, with a clear version (LeadX™ clear lead encapsulating paint), it also comes in a white, or can be custom tinted to a desired color (LeadX™ white or custom tint lead encapsulating paint).

Typical Lead Hazard Locations

In 1978, lead paint was banned from being used due to the hazards to human health. Buildings and homes built before 1978 are likely to contain lead paint or lead dust that needs to be abated.

Typical lead hazards include:

  • Lead-based paint, which can be found throughout a building, on walls, window sills, ceilings, beams, and more.
  • Lead dust that’s been left behind after lead paint has been removed, especially from a porous surface like brick, wood, or concrete.
  • Lead paint residue that’s seeped into metal over time.
  • Lead dust as a result of a manufacturing process that contained lead, which can permeate a building’s entire interior on several substrates.

How a Lead Encapsulant Works

A lead encapsulation coating covers the lead contaminated surface and acts as a safety barrier. Once an encapsulation paint is properly applied to the surface, it will test negative for lead and make it safe for people to be around.

LeadX™ encapsulation coating by Syneffex™ can be used on multiple building surfaces including, but not limited to:

One Coating – Multiple Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using LeadX™ for lead abatement is that it offers multiple value-added features beyond just lead encapsulation, which means more bang for your buck.

LeadX™ features include:

  • Safe lead abatement
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Mold/Mildew resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Thin film application (just 8 wet mils/ 1.5 dry mils total)
  • Comes in clear, white, or tintable
  • Water-based, environmentally friendly
  • Has been approved for historical projects

LeadX™ is the safe & trusted choice for major lead remediation and rehabilitation projects ranging from historical and commercial renovations to government bases.

Looking for an All-in-One Lead Abatement Solution?

Using LeadX™ means an easy application with just one product being needed for multiple surface types.

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