Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Series

Part 3: Reduce Carbon Emissions While Saving Energy 

In this week’s Sustainability Series by Syneffex™ we’re going to focus on a third key area of a corporate sustainability report (CSR), reducing carbon/CO2/greenhouse gas emissions.


The reduction of carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is often the shining star of a CSR because it’s directly tied to a sustainable planet. Less emissions means less negative impact on the earth and its resources. This is why you’ll often see this sustainability goal proudly highlighted.


In this arena, we are an expert. We help our clients meet those goals every day.


Did you know that a simple project with Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings can equate to a reduction of 162 metric tons of GHG emissions annually? Read more to learn how…


Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation Study


Our Heat Shield™ High Heat was used at a large hospital for steam pipe insulation. The application used an 8-coat coverage, which is approximately 8/1000’ths of an inch thickness and provided approximately a 110F (61C) temperature reduction, lowering the surface temperature from 302F (150C) to 192F (88.9C) degrees. Quite an accomplishment for a thin film coating, but that’s the magic of nanoscience and next generation insulation products.


How This Equates to Meeting Carbon & GHG Emission Reduction goals:


For every 1,000 S.F. of steam pipe surface area Insulated with Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ High Heat Coating, per the results above, the following is possible:


    – Annual energy savings of 3,046.20 MMBtu/year

    – Based on today’s energy dollars, that’s $8,285.66 USD/year savings on liquid natural gas

    – Reduction of 162 Metric Tons of GHG emissions, according to the U.S. EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equivalency calculator

    – Equivalent savings of 376 barrels of oil per year

    – The equivalent of carbon sequestered by 4,141 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.



Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword.

It’s a business necessity.


reduce ghg emissions

World leaders have joined together to make a substantially increased commitment to sustainable measures, as seen last fall at COP21 in Paris.


We see this translating into companies not just talking about sustainability, but also funding it, prioritizing it, or mandating it… and also incentivizing their employees based upon sustainable metrics.


Our company has been providing leading edge nano-engineered sustainable solutions around the globe for over a decade and has been a champion in the sustainability movement, helping organizations meet carbon reduction goals.



Reducing energy consumption is directly related to
lowering carbon emissions.



According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the key U.S. energy- related carbon dioxide emissions sources are:

    – Coal

    – Natural Gas

    – Petroleum

    – Electricity

    – Other combustion waste materials


There’s a direct connection between energy use and carbon, or CO2, emissions. 


Did you know?

Fossil fuels supply 82% of the primary energy consumed in the United States and are responsible for 94% of total carbon dioxide emissions. (Source: EIA)


Some Key Ways that Syneffex™ Coatings Can Contribute to Your Carbon and GHG Emission Reduction Goals:


  • Insulate boilers, steam pipes, and other heat process equipment to reduce LNG, oil, and coal use
  •  Reduce the overall carbon footprint of manufactured goods by using less energy to manufacture them
  • Easily insulate building walls and roofs to lower electricity used for heating and cooling and related carbon and GHG emissions.
  • All our insulation coatings are low VOC, so using them won’t negatively contribute to additional emissions into the atmosphere


2017 has just begun, and you can get an easy head start on any CO2 and GHG reduction goals just by insulating equipment or buildings with innovative Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings.

Check out our line of products here.

Isn’t it amazing that one simple coating technology can help you meet multiple sustainability goals?


Here’s a secret… that’s how we engineered them! That’s Sustainability Accelerated™ and Sustainability Simplified™… It’s our promise to you with every product we make.



We have made it our mission to make the lives of Sustainable Leaders, in a word, Simple!



Here are a few examples of companies we applaud for their ambitious carbon reduction goals:

Does your organization have target goals for reducing carbon or GHG emissions? If you do, we can help make it happen!

As you’re sitting down considering the options for saving energy and reducing carbon and GHG emissions, it’s important to note that the US Energy Department recommends insulation as the #1 energy saving project you can undertake. Reducing energy costs by 20% (the average reported by Syneffex™ industrial clients) correlates to a 20% reduction in related GHG emissions. And with a reported ROI of only 6-18 months… That’s an easy decision!


Stay tuned for our next segment in our Sustainability Series.


Let us help you save energy and lower carbon emissions now. Visit our site to contact us about revving up your sustainability. 


PS: If you haven’t yet checked out our Every Leaf Matters™ Mission… It’s all about helping the planet and reducing carbon emissions in a really fun way. Visit to learn more and join our mission.





Our Promise To You…


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