Many companies have corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have far reaching positive impacts. They’re designed to do things such as:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improve employee health and safety
  • Employ sustainable packaging
  • Reduce excess waste
  • Lower water use

In a nutshell, companies commit to running their operations more sustainably, which benefits both their bottom line and the planet.

How much do these CSR initiates help companies?

According to Inc. magazine, companies that integrate sustainability and social impact initiatives:

  • Enhance sales by up to 20%
  • Increase productivity by 13%
  • Increase their share price by up to 6%
  • Create a “reputation dividend” worth as much as 11% of market capitalization

Exceed CSR Goals with Sustainability Accelerated!

Heat Shield™ coatings by Syneffex™ have been helping companies meet and exceed CSR goals and improve their operations while lowering costs for over a decade in more than 60 countries around the world.

The versatility of nano-engineered technology is that it can be employed in a number of different operational areas to insulate, prevent corrosion, improve employee safety and more. Here are some ways you can incorporate thermal insulating paints into your sustainability programs to meet CSR objectives.

Energy Savings

Whether you are targeting energy savings for manufacturing equipment, HVAC ductwork, or office building walls and roofs, Syneffex™ coatings offer fast and easy-to-install solutions. Our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating is a powerhouse when it comes to insulating steam pipes, ovens, tanks, and more.

For building envelope energy efficiency, it’s hard to beat our Energy Protect™ clear thermal insulation coating that can significantly reduce thermal transfer through walls, ducts, and skylights with just three coats.

Reducing energy use also reduces the associated carbon emissions.

Waste Reduction

Syneffex™ coating technology helps reduce an organization’s waste in a few different ways.

Reduce the amount of degraded insulation that has to be stripped from equipment regularly and disposed of. Our solutions last a decade or more!

Increase asset longevity with an insulation that protects equipment from corrosion and eliminates corrosion under insulation (CUI) problems.

Remediate older buildings that may have lead with LeadX™ clear encapsulation coating rather than doing expensive demolition.

Employee Safety

Prevent employee burn injuries by using our Heat Shield™ coating on things like steam pipes, boilers, and handrails. Improve working conditions by lowering the ambient temperature of hot working environments… coat hot equipment, such as large ovens, that are radiating heat into the environment and insulating hot metal and warehouse buildings to reduce heat gain during hot summer months.

Read more about using Syneffex coatings to meet your CSR objectives in our Sustainability Simplified Series:

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