When you’re operating a building, there is always a balance between cost efficiency and occupant safety and comfort. Costs include everything from ongoing maintenance, to energy used for the heating and cooling system, to installation of safety features like handrails, and there’s a constant prioritization happening between those needs and your budget.

Costs for running buildings include fixed costs, like the monthly energy bill, and non-fixed costs, like upgrades to landscaping. Emergency costs that are unexpected can also impact a building’s overall operational costs, such as a leak the causes walls to get saturated and need repair and mold remediation.

Energy Protect™ coating by Syneffex™ offers facility managers a versatile solution that can help reduce building costs in a variety of areas. Because the coating can do multiple things, it can be deployed inside buildings in multiple ways.

Here are three examples of how a simple application of Energy Protect can lower your operational costs for a building.

Lower Energy Use

Energy Protect is a thin film thermal insulation coating that is clear and can easily be painted onto multiple surfaces, such as interior or exterior walls, ductwork, ceilings, and skylights to reduce heat transfer.

In 3rd party testing the coating is proven to reduce heat transfer by 34.8% at the standard 3-coat application.

According to the U.S. EPA, as much as 30% of the energy used in buildings is inefficient or unnecessary.  Energy Protect™ helps you use your heating and cooling energy more efficiently by reducing waste due to heat loss or gain, while also improving occupant comfort.

Prevent Mold/Mildew Growth

Mold growth typically happens in buildings due to moist conditions that invite mold spores to attach to a surface and spread. Whether mold is on the exterior or interior of a building, it can mean costly ongoing maintenance to remove it.

Energy Protect™ is naturally mold resistant and keeps mold from growing on the surface of the coating, so once you’ve applied it, the surface will no longer support mold growth. This not only keeps your facility looking cleaner it also improves indoor air quality.

Reduce Harsh Glare through Skylights

Many sustainable buildings incorporate skylights for the daylighting benefits, which include allowing in natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting and the associated energy costs. But unfortunately, when the sun is shining just right, the glare through the skylights can be disruptive and cause workers to look for ways to block it, thus needing to turn back on the lights.

Energy Protect can be used over skylights and will give them a slight matte look, which will still allow through 90-92% of the visible light, while reducing glare.  As a bonus, it also reduces heat transfer and harmful UV rays that can fade interior carpet or furnishings.

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