For many shopping centers that are being shuttered and repurposed at exponential rates due to the ever encroaching online megastores, and cities (such as Detroit) that are putting the rewards of the economic boom back into city redevelopment of their neighborhoods, lead remediation projects are a necessary building block to the future for both the public and the private sectors.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (1), buildings built before the 1978  have a high probability of being contaminated with lead-based paint, which is the year the federal government banned lead-containing paint for consumer uses. Lead-based paint causes a multitude of serious health-related problems and increasingly stringent laws now require that these lead contaminated structures are remediated according to set standards. According to the Mayo Clinic (2), lead-based paint can cause a variety of health problems, “which can severely affect mental and physical development. And, at very high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal.”

How do you know if your renovation project needs lead remediation? There are a number of specifiers in the field whom you can turn to for help with inspecting your project to determine lead exposure. These range from EPA accredited inspectors, architects, engineers, designers, project managers. and industrial hygienists.

If you are faced with the need for a lead abatement and remediation requirement, there are a number of options on the market ranging from exorbitantly priced demolition and rebuilds to far more economical alternatives such as lead encapsulation coatings. The solution you choose can have a significant impact on your overall renovation budget.

Syneffex™ has engineered LeadX™ to be the best performing, most aesthetically pleasing, and simple lead encapsulation coating on the market today. LeadX™ is offered in clear, white or custom tinted options and can be quickly sprayed, brushed, or rolled on to safely and effectively encapsulate all types of interior & exterior lead contaminated surfaces, such as lead-based paint, brick, wood, metal, and concrete with a safe, effective lead paint cover. LeadX™ lead encapsulating paints are also water-based, low VOC, low odor, and environmentally friendly.


LeadX™ has recently been used on a retrofit project that involved the conversion of a century-old power plant into a pair of luxury hotels for a brand name hotel chain and an entertainment district. We provided custom tints for multiple substrates such a brick, metal and concrete and our formula is so aesthetically beautiful, it was chosen to replace the general paint for non-contaminated surfaces. It has also been a excellent solution for historical renovations and government bases around the country. Learn more at


It’s important to do your due diligence on actual costs per recommended square foot. Don’t rely on just per gallon costs or you could get burned!

Caveat emptor, or “buyer beware,” definitely holds true when you are comparing lead encapsulation paints for your project. It is imperative to carefully conduct your due diligence on price-per-square foot for the recommended safe coverage, as some suppliers are not as transparent in their pricing. Although their gallon prices appear low, unfortunately their coverage rates are too, and thus the actual cost-per-square-foot for a lead solution can be much higher than a quick glance would show. It definitely pays to do your number crunching comparisons!

We have a table here, where we have done the work for you. As you can see, at $0.42/square foot, with all of the benefits that LeadX™ provides along with a fantastic warranty, we are the best choice for your lead remediation project.

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