You may have noticed that on many of our website pages where we discuss our product solutions in multiple industries, we mention something called our “Gold Standard Project Promise.”

So, what does that mean, exactly?

What our Gold Standard Project Promise means is that we are committed to being with you for every step of your project whenever you need us, no matter where in the world you are.

From providing an initial specification, payback estimate, and project roll-out plan, to giving you the right tools and support to ensure a perfect application, and video conferences with your technical team, we want to make sure you get perfect results.

Just a few of the complimentary things we provide include:

– Project specifications with payback estimates based upon engineering calculations
– Application Log Sheets that make things easy
– Video webinars to review application details
– Special assistance by text, video call, or phone during your application
– Onsite application training for large, multi-facility projects

Gold Standard Project Support in Action

The best way to explain what the Syneffex™ “Gold Standard” means is to give you a few real world examples:

1) Boiler Project: A popular food and beverage manufacturer was very interested in saving energy in their factory and wanted to start with a boiler to see what our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating could do. They needed an estimated cost and payback and project specification to show their decision makers. We provided that to them in 48 hours.

Project approval was received, and we were introduced to their industrial contractor who would do the application. We scheduled a call and went over the application to ensure they had everything they needed. They were quite pleased with the support and results!

 2) Hotel Roof Project: A well-known hotel franchise with a location in the Caribbean was doing an application of Crystal roof coating on their roof to help keep the interior of the hotel cooler and lower their electricity costs.

During the application, the contractor had a surface preparation question, so he called via iPhone Facetime to our Technical Support Team, who was virtually “onsite” in moments and helped guide them through the surface preparation to ensure a great application.

3) Multi-National Textile Dye Machine Project: A global sustainability project was planned to significantly lower energy costs for dyehouse operations in 36 factories around the world. The organization also wished to save more money and ensure a payback of just 1 year by utilizing their own maintenance teams around the world for the application.

Our team planned and executed a 4-day onsite application training for over 16 representatives from regions around the world, which included personalized application plans and handbooks for them to implement in 26 countries.

Gold Standard Application Support

Making a Difference Daily!

We’re proud to go the extra 1,000 miles for our customers and be there every step of the way with their project. We utilize technology to the fullest, and thus have been able to travel virtually to nearly everywhere on the planet to be there when companies need us. That’s what our Gold Standard Project Promise is all about.

Want to get started on a project for energy savings or asset protection? Take the first step by contacting us here with your needs… we’ll take it from there!