Improve Asset Longevity With Syneffex™ Coatings

  • Improve Asset Longevity with Syneffex Coatings

Improve Asset Longevity With Syneffex™ Coatings

Forecasting where and when infrastructure improvements should occur is critical to a company’s product quality and performance reliability. Asset longevity is an important part of that overall planning and life cycle assessment.

When is a storage tank going to need repairs due to corrosion? How long will your steam pipes hold up before they start getting dangerous leaks and need to be replaced?

That is important information that most equipment manufacturers provide estimates for, but once that equipment is in operation other factors can decrease the expected asset lifespan. Some of these include:

  • Insulation that causes corrosion
  • Improper operation
  • Heat stress
  • Failure to perform preventative maintenance
  • UV or weathering damage

Protecting equipment from a reduced lifespan and increasing asset longevity can save organizations a significant amount of money. Besides the obvious cost savings from being able to get more service life before a replacement is needed, there’s also a savings in maintenance costs and reduced risk of potential profit loss from unexpected downtime.

Syneffex™ Coatings Help Improve Asset Longevity

The combined power of thermal insulation and protection from corrosion and other surface degradation makes our patented coatings the perfect fit in any life cycle improvement program. They not only provide energy saving insulation, but they reduce wear and damage to tanks, pipes, and other equipment they’re applied to.

By coating your equipment with these innovative nano-coatings, you can:

  • Prevent corrosion and CUI
  • Reduce heat damage to surfaces
  • Protect outdoor equipment from UV damage
  • Prevent damage due to moisture saturation
  • Protect equipment from chemicals (splash resistance)
Syneffex Coatings Can Improve Asset Longevity

A couple of our asset protection examples include:

A large paper mill used our Heat Shield™ Translucent PT coating on their circuit boxes. The heat inside the factory was causing damage to the components inside. The PT coating protected the box from excess heat, increasing the lifespan of the controls inside.

A Middle East chemical manufacturer had multiple outdoor brine super purification columns that were corroding due to CUI. Heat Shield™ High Heat was coated on the exterior to insulate the columns, prevent corrosion and provide weathering resistance… all of which improved the asset longevity.

Looking for Ways to Increase Asset Life and Save Energy?

We’ve got powerful, easy-to-use coating solutions that can help you save money on energy while also increasing asset lifespan. Just contact us online or request a specification to get started today!

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