Syneffex™ Energy Saving Examples

  • Syneffex Energy Saving Examples

Syneffex™ Energy Saving Examples

Saving energy is the biggest reason individuals and organizations seek out Syneffex™ thermal insulation coatings. If you can lower your energy costs by an average of 20% or more, that’s a significant savings whether you’re a family or a corporation.

The actual energy savings achieved is of course dependent upon the application, environmental temperatures, and energy use. So how do you know how much you might save by using Syneffex™ coatings?

We’ve got two main ways that you can get a pretty good idea.

  1. By reviewing over a decade of case histories to see what others have achieved
  2. From the results of several 3rd party laboratory tests for thermal insulation

Real World Results

When we say “the average energy savings reported by customers is…” we are referencing that information from multiple case studies over the years from industrial and home & building customers. Real world case study results allow you to see how an insulation performs in multiple environments and how well it stands up in different climates.

Do you live in a cold region and wonder how well our insulation coating works in frigid temperatures? We’ve got case studies for that!

Need to insulate a specific piece of equipment, like yarn dyeing machines, and need a good idea of how much you can potentially lower corporate energy costs? We’ve got case studies for that too!

By compiling multiple real world case studies, we can give you a ballpark of what to expect:

– Industrial customers typically report saving between 10% to 35% in energy costs.

– Building & home customers typically report saving between 20% to 40% in energy costs.

Of course, if you go through a few case studies, you’ll see savings even higher, but we like to keep it on the conservative side. :)

surface protection against lead

Here’s just a few examples:

1. Apparel manufacturer Elasteks insulated dyeing machines with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O and reduced their process energy costs by 51%.  

2. A Tulsa, Oklahoma family who were kind enough to share 5 1/2 years worth of energy bills (both before and after their Energy Protect™ application) reduced their cooling costs by 46%.

3. A soft drink bottler was able to lower the energy costs for their bottle washing machine by 398.52 MMBTU per year after using our Heat Shield™ Translucent PT coating. The equivalent annual savings in greenhouse gas emissions was 21.1 metric tons per year.

4. Shipping company Yang Ming Marine reduced their energy costs by 30% after coating Heat Shield™ High Heat on the exterior of their heavy fuel oil system tanks and piping.

3rd Party Testing

Our coatings have also undergone several independent third party tests by accredited laboratories in the U.S. and around the world. Here are a few results examples:

  • 34.8% reduction in heat transfer, as tested at 3 coats over 8cm cement wall sections
  • 40% increase in thermal resistance, as tested at 6 coats over plasterboard
  • Consistent insulating performance with no degradation over 100 day salt spray test and corrosion under insulation test

You can see a full range of data on our test data page.

Start Saving Energy This Month

Whether you have a steam system in a factory that could use better insulation or a hotel in Arizona experiencing high summer energy bills, we’re here to help! Just request a complimentary specification and quote and you could actually be saving money on your next energy bill.

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