Each summer, thousands of factories around the world face the same issue… trying to keep the working environment cool to protect their personnel and avoid heat-related health problems. They seek ways to improve hot working conditions in factories by insulating equipment with something that will last and be effective over the long-term.

Hot working environments can be caused by a number of issues:

  • Heat process equipment (ovens, steam pipes) radiating heat into the workspace
  • Increase in humidity due to steam processes
  • Inadequate air movement
  • Required protective gear that can compound the issue

Hot workspaces cause a number of heat related illness including dehydration, heat stress, heat stroke, heat rash, and heat exhaustion.

How hot is too hot?

OSHA has a heat index chart to identify when protective precautions should be taken.

Ref: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/heatstress/

A hot boiler room, manufacturing floor with large ovens, or a textile dye house can easily reach more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a danger for health and safety of the workers, reducing productivity, and in many cases, excess loads on the HVAC system, which often can’t keep up.

The Solution?

Heat Shield™ thermal insulation coatings!

Stop Radiated Heat by Insulating with the Best

Heat Shield™ thermal insulation coatings by Syneffex™ are easily sprayed over hot equipment (while in service) and can instantly lower the workspace temperature by reducing the heat the equipment is radiating into the surrounding environment.

Additional benefits are energy savings both for the production process and for the electricity used to run the HVAC unit trying to cool the space. The biggest benefit, of course, is the health and safety of your employees who can safely work around heat process equipment without getting overheated in a too hot environment.

Need more proof? Read our case study from the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida, which had a building that was uncomfortably hot for workers due to large steam piping. EPX-H2O solved the problem!

Insulate this Summer & Cool Your Workspaces

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