One of the biggest issues with the insulation that was popular last century is that it degrades quickly as soon as it’s exposed to moisture, UV or any other type of inclement environment. And while they don’t advertise it, the attached R-values or U-values you see stamped on a package are measured in a controlled laboratory environment.

Let’s face it… put that fibrous insulation outside, and it’s toast! Or a soaked mess that isn’t doing anything but causing corrosion at that point.
The most effective insulation is insulation that can weather any storm and protect your assets at the same time.


That’s why Syneffex™ coatings were invented; to not only provide an easy spray-on thin film insulation that can be used on any type of surface, but also an insulation that can stand up to harsh climate and weather conditions. Rain, snow, sleet, harsh sun… it can handle them all with no loss of performance and as a bonus, it protects surfaces from UV, moisture, corrosion, and mold/mildew damage.


Harsh Weather is Only Getting Worse


I was just reading the Executive Summary of the “U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report” yesterday, and it’s clear that weather extremes are only going to continue to increase as the years go by. I don’t know about you, but I want my buildings and infrastructure as protected as possible.


That’s why a “Syneffex™ coating shield of protection” is my first choice for both home and office protection as well as piping and tanks.


While our coatings can’t stop a hurricane from coming, they can protect your surfaces from moisture damage caused by increased storm activity. Additionally, they can keep surfaces rust free and protected from harsh UV rays.


The insulation and energy saving benefits also continue working in any type of weather, from extreme heat to harsh offshore wind and rain conditions. Just check out our case studies from Alaska to the East China Sea.


Now, that’s an insulation you can count on no matter what!

(Watch this video to see the durability benefits of insulation coatings)

Not to brag too much, but here are a few of our facts…

– UV Aging Testing: Passed 10-years with zero degradation or discoloration

– Spectrophotometer Testing: Blocked 80% of the harmful UV rays while allowing 92% of the visible light to pass through

– Corrosion GM9540P: Passed 24-cycles of salt spray testing (passing is 8 cycles)

– British Petroleum Testing: Insulating level did not degrade or lessen at all in 100 day test with the insulation being subject to salt spray daily (just try that with fiberglass or mineral wool!)

– Field Study, Alaska: Stood up to harsh arctic environment and lowered fuel oil costs by 22%

– Field Study, East China Sea: Prevented corrosion of tanks and did not degrade in offshore environment. Just 12 thin coats (0.02 cm) of our High Heat coating (no cladding needed) insulated at the same level as 8 cm of mineral wool with aluminum cladding. 

Other Benefits that Can be Life Saving

Another unfortunate climate change symptom that’s been seen in increasing frequency, and which was predicted to happen decades ago, is wildfires. 

Our coatings are non-flammable, so they won’t increase the flammability of the surface they’re applied to, unlike other types of insulation which can ignite quite fast. We’ve seen a lot of our customers choosing non-flammable insulation over older types of insulation more and more and we’re pleased to offer them an excellent non-toxic, non-flammable solution.

What’s Protecting Your Buildings and Equipment?

Whether you think things are getting worse environmentally or just figure it’s a natural cycle of weather events… rain, wind, sun, and storms happen all the time and have for thousands of years. Why wouldn’t you want an insulation that stands up to any weather and protects your assets at the same time?

Ready to try the best insulation on the planet? Just drop us a line and we’ll give you the perfect solution for your energy saving, insulation, and surface protection needs no matter where in the world you are.