We often get customers with boats, both big and small, in need of insulation that will effectively insulate and protect everything from personal sailboats to large container vessels. Some of the “wish list” for their perfect insulation coating includes:

– Preventing the sun from heating up the cabin
– Insulating fuel systems to lower costs
– Providing corrosion protection
– Providing mold/mildew resistance
– Standing up to salt spray
– Non-flammable and/or flame resistant insulation

When they come across our Syneffex™ coating technology, they can’t believe that one line of products fulfills their whole wish list! That’s the power of superior science and patented multi-purpose technology!

Did You Know That Insulation Is a Big Issue in Boats?

It’s true, insulating boats is a common issue as many of them are not even specified with proper insulation.

Here are a few eye-opening facts:

– From Sail Magazine: In cold climates condensation and mold are a severe problem that older fibrous insulations can’t solve.

– From The Frugal Mariner: The four main reasons for insulating a boat are:

– To keep it warm
– To keep it cool
– To keep it dry
– To keep it quiet

They have a great step-by-step illustration, and we recommend using our Energy Protect™ clear thermal insulation coating on the cabin and hull areas as the easiest and best solution.

From Ocean Navigator: Controlling condensation is one of the main problems in boats because it can cause mold build-up on hulls and decks and corrosion of metals. Drips from condensation are also a safety problem for passengers and crew.

From Outer Reef Yachts: Even in the specifications for luxury yachts, many do not mention thermal insulation to lower energy costs for heating and cooling and increased comfort.

boat insulation

Lower Energy Costs and Increase Comfort with Syneffex™ Coatings

Three examples – both big and small – of vessel owners that have benefited by using Syneffex™ Thermal insulation coatings:

Florida Sailboat: A sailboat owner in Maitland, Florida had a hot cabin problem. He coated that cabin with Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating and was able to reduce the interior cabin temperature by 15 to 17 degrees Fahrenheit. A reduction from about 105F to about 88F. Much more comfortable! See the case study here: www.synavax.com/portfolio-items/maitland-florida-bristol-sailboat/

Container Vessel: Yang Ming Marine used our Heat Shield™ High Heat coating on their fuel system piping and tanks and reduced their diesel fuel oil use by 30%. Their cost for product and application was paid back fully in just 95 sailing days, and they have continued saving approximately $3,252 USD during each 21 days average voyage. See the case study here: www.synavax.com/portfolio-items/container-ship-fuel-savings/

Fishing Vessel: A fishing vessel that fished in the waters of Alaska used our Heat Shield™ Translucent PT coating on the interior ice hold (hull area) of their vessel to help keep that all important ice from melting as fast to keep the fish fresh. This gave them more time for fishing and they still delivered the fish before the ice melted.

Whether you’re a pleasure sailor or running a large vessel is your full time job, we can help you find solutions for thermal insulation, mold/fungi resistance, and corrosion and condensation resistance like no one else can. Just drop us a line and we’ll get you a personalized recommendation.