Most managers, plant and facility professionals, and sustainability executives are very familiar with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) put in place for corporate sustainability. They measure how effectively a company is meeting a number of sustainable goals, one of the most important of which is reducing their energy use.

Companies using corporate sustainability goals do so for a number of reasons, which tend to boil down to… Planet, People, Profit.

Ultimately, reducing energy use, reducing water use, and improving employee safety (all of which are common sustainability goals), also improve the bottom line for companies. Many managers receive bonuses for meeting them. Reducing operational impact on the planet, is good for the earth, for a company, and for its employees. It’s a “win-win” all around.

You could say that sustainability is in the Syneffex “Wheelhouse!” Because our patented nanoscience based coatings do so many things to increase sustainability, we go through our clients’ KPIs and tell them exactly where our coatings can help save them money, reduce energy costs, increase employee safety, reduce waste, and provide other sustainable benefits. We pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions can help them meet energy saving and safety goals almost immediately.

Common Corporate Sustainability KPIs

While each organization is unique, the sustainability goals in many Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR) tend to fall into the same categories. Here is a snapshot of typical goals, followed by our expert opinion on how Syneffex™ coatings can help companies meet those goals.

1. Energy Savings – Many companies have at the forefront of their sustainable goals, saving energy across their operations. They will typically use a baseline of 5-10 years prior and have a goal to decrease energy use by a certain year by anywhere between 10% to 25% on average. Saving energy can fall into multiple categories, such as savings on manufacturing energy use and savings on heating and cooling of buildings.

How Syneffex™ Coatings help meet this goal:

Our coatings not only provide effective thermal insulation over both industrial equipment, such as boilers, steam pipes, tanks, to lower process energy costs, but also over building envelope elements, such as walls, roofs, skylights, to reduce heating and cooling costs. Our coatings are a “one stop option” for just about any type of insulation need. You can find multiple examples here:


2. Reduce Carbon/GHG Emissions – This goal is closely related to energy use, because reducing energy use naturally reduces the carbon emissions relating to energy usage. It can also relate to using cleaner forms of energy and incorporating energy regeneration into factory operations.

How Syneffex™ Coatings help meet this goal:

In addition to insulating to reduce overall energy use, our coatings have been used in power regeneration applications. The City of San Jose, California coated large concrete waste water digester tanks with our insulation coating to help recapture more of the heat being generated and routed to another area for reuse. They were able to save an estimated 48,899 therms by capturing more heat for reuse, thus lowering their costs and GHG emissions even more.

3. Improve Employee Safety – Reducing lost time incidents and improving the health and safety of employees is another important CSR KPI. A healthy workforce is typically one of the top priorities of all organizations.

How Syneffex™ Coatings help meet this goal:

Our insulation coatings not only reduce heat loss and gain for energy savings, they also have the ability to lower a hot surface to a safe-to-touch level (typically the 140F / 60C range). We have multiple examples, especially for our EPX-H20 coating, of surface temperatures being reduced from too hot to touch to safe in just a few hours.

4. Sustainable Supply Chain – Many organizations look beyond their own impact on the planet and ways to reduce it, and continue on throughout their supply chain. They know that if they can decrease the carbon footprint of the ingredients coming to their door, then that also decreases the overall footprint of their products.

How Syneffex™ Coatings help meet this goal:

We can help suppliers in the same way we help companies reduce their energy costs and meet sustainable goals. One example of this is a food manufacturing supplier that we worked with to insulate heat process equipment. It turns out that they also contracted with suppliers in their chain to ship raw materials by cargo ship directly to their factories, so by insulating the fuel systems of those cargo vessels to lower their energy use, we could further their goals for a more sustainable supply chain.

5. Water/Waste Reduction – Reducing water use and waste are also both common components of many company’s corporate sustainability goals. They both impact overall use of the planet’s resources, so lowering them help decrease global impact and increase profits.

How Syneffex™ Coatings help meet this goal:

While we cannot at this time impact water use for companies, we can help to reduce waste. Many older forms of insulation degrade quite fast, usually in about 2 years, so there is a lot of waste involved when it has to be stripped off and replaced. Our coatings typically last 5-10 years or more, meaning not only less waste, but also less replacement costs. Our coatings also prevent corrosion, keeping pipes, tanks, and other metal structures intact and operating longer.

If you are tasked with meeting your company’s corporate sustainability goals this year or beyond, we would love to help you do that. We will show you how Syneffex™ coatings can help you reach your goals rapidly with a short payback period.

Contact us today to receive your personalized Sustainability Accelerated™ Proposal tailored to help you meet your corporate sustainability goals sooner than you ever imagined.