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Plant managers are tasked with the ongoing maintenance of tanks that are insulated and the corrosion and corrosion under insulation that creeps beneath the outmoded mineral wool and cladding systems of yesteryear. From chemical factories to the oil fields, tanks are arguably the most critical asset to protect, as they house high volumes of a company’s assets, whether that be in the form of chemicals, asphalt, fuel, or oil. Since tanks are one of the major capital asset investments for these companies, it makes sense to be abreast of the newest advances in corrosion control coatings.

Syneffex™ is a global leader in patented nanotechnology based energy saving and asset protection coatings for tank exteriors.


The corrosion control coating landscape has changed in the past 15+ years and facility managers that are searching for cutting-edge corrosion control technology that was launched over a decade and a half ago, can now upgrade the protection of their tank exteriors with confidence. Syneffex™ has provided sustainable coating solutions worldwide, in well over 60+ countries in the harshest service environments on the planet. We are proud of making a difference. Daily!

Our coatings pass the rigorous international standards testing metrics for corrosion prevention and have years of A+ and five-star report cards detailing outstanding performance in the field from offshore oil rigs to chemical tanks to asphalt tanks to sulfur tanks to fuel tanks and more.

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– Prevents corrosion & CUI
– Abrasion Resistant
– Chemical Resistant
– UV Resistant
– Epoxy Tank Coating
– Low VOC
– Non-flammable
– Excellent insulation ability
– Fast results
– Short time period for install
– Only one type of contractor needed
– No scaffolding required (can use a lift)

Facility managers that we work with are sustainable heroes. After researching the latest technologies available, they choose us and make bold plans and achieve bold results. In fact, that’s one of our mottos: Bold Plans=Bold Results.

Join other sustainable leaders around the world today!

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