While we all get excited about the newest electronic gadgets and smart phones, one product that might not be quite as flashy, but has enormous potential impact on energy efficiency, personnel safety, and surface protection is thermal insulating paints.

Paint-on insulation revolutionizes the whole idea of what an insulation is and what it can do. No longer do you need to give up valuable space with thick and cumbersome insulation or resign yourself to the fact that that “blanket” style insulation is going to begin degrading at the first sign of moisture or dirt.

Thermal insulation coatings are the evolved form of insulation… designed for the demands of the field, factory, and boardroom.

Multiple-Benefits from One Tank Insulation or Pipe Insulation Coating

A product of nano engineering and world class coating formulators, Syneffex™ coatings emerged on the scene over a decade ago. From tank insulation applications in the Middle East to steam pipe applications in Alaska, they’ve proven themselves in pretty much every type of harsh environment on the planet… and they’ve stood the test of time.

Just consider this comparison:

-Standard fibrous insulation typically maintains its optimum effectiveness 1 to 2 years outdoors or inside a factory environment.

–Syneffex™ thermal insulation paints last a decade or more!

-Standard fibrous insulation can lose its value as soon as it’s infiltrated by moisture

–Syneffex™ thermal insulating coatings repel moisture and don’t require any exterior covering.

-Standard fibrous insulation causes corrosion. The world had even made its own acronym for this phenomenon, corrosion under insulation (CUI).

–Syneffex™ thermal insulating paint for tanks, pipes, and equipment prevent corrosion naturally while also insulating.

-Standard fibrous insulation doesn’t really do anything else except insulate.

–Syneffex™ thermal insulation paints have multiple benefits, including chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and mold resistance in addition to excellent insulation.

Stronger, Easier to Use, Longer Lasting Insulation

Why would you use any other insulation on your tanks, pipes, metal buildings, and other equipment, when Syneffex™ Heat Shield™ insulating coatings can:

  • Be spray applied easily with inexpensive equipment
  • Be applied fast
  • Have free training and tech support
  • Can be applied with your own in-house team
  • Be applied in service with no downtime
  • Provide surface temperature reductions all the way from 400F down to safe touch (140F)
  • Protect your assets in multiple ways
  • Stop corrosion and CUI
  • Pay for themselves fast (many industrial insulation customers report payback in 6 to 18 months)
  • Non-flammable
  • Low VOC, low Odor
  • Offer you a more sustainable option to fit in with many of your CSR goals

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