One thing I hear often is, “Can you tell me someone in my industry/country/area that has used your products?” And in most cases, the answer is, “Yes!”

We have people from around the world in just about every industry and market imaginable that have been kind enough to share their sustainable case studies and testimonials about the benefits they’ve received from using Syneffex™ thermally insulating and protective coatings. We’ve just uploaded many more of these on our website and put them into an easy to review format. If you want to find Paper Manufacturing case studies, you can just click on that tag and they will magically pop up. If you’re a homeowner wanting to know what others have seen in energy savings, you can easily find those as well.

Nothing speaks louder than others who have direct experience with an energy saving and protective technology, so we’ve worked to bring you nearly 100 case studies from customers around the globe! (We have more being added weekly.)

Here’s a highlight of some of the newly added sustainable case studies:

1) Large Hospital – Boiler Insulation: Another successful trial for boiler insulation was recently conducted on the boiler at a large hospital. Our Heat Shield™ EPX-H20 coating, at just a 4-coat coverage, lowered the surface temperature by 66.78F, with an estimated energy savings of 179.64 BTU/hr.ft2.
Read the Case Study Here

2) National Museum of Naval Aviation – Lead Abatement: One of our many U.S. Navy related applications, this one was for lead abatement of a new hangar that they were putting into use. Our LeadX™ clear encapsulation coating was used to remediate lead and make the space safe for visitors.
Read the Case Study Here

3) Pulp and Paper Manufacturer – Boiler Insulation: This is a great case study that we highlighted in a blog recently and just uploaded onto our website last week. It has some great thermal imaging showing a reduction of surface temperature of 189.5F (105.3C) with our Heat Shield™ EPX-H20 Coating.
Read the Case Study Here

4) AutobahnPower Automotive – Vehicle Insulation: This innovative automotive service company has been using our Heat Shield™ High Heat coating for years to insulate floorboards, intercoolers and other areas of vehicles to control heat transfer.
Read the Case Study Here

5) Tampa Port Authority – Skylight Insulation: The Tampa Port Authority needed an effective control for the heat pouring through their skylights, without blocking the natural light. Our Energy Protect™ coating provided a perfect solution to reduce heat gain and UV penetration, while still allowing through diffused visible light.
Read the Case Study Here
You can read all our online case studies by industry by clicking the links below:

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