Stay Cooler at Home and Work

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Stay Cooler at Home and Work

We recently spoke with a homeowner that couldn’t take the 103F+ heat and high cooling bills any longer and ordered Syneffex™ thermal insulation coating for some relief. After coating her black shingle roof, she can definitely expect some cooler days ahead!

Whether it’s a homeowner or business client, we make it our mission to help make everyone’s lives better, and one of the ways we do that is through our patented line of clear energy saving coatings for buildings.

CrystalShield™ can be used on all types of roofs to reduce heat gain in the summer (or heat loss in the winter) and also has excellent UV, mold, and moisture resistance.

Energy Protect™ provides all the same benefits, and is designed for walls (inside or outside), ceilings, and skylights.

Did you know?… OSHA standards indicate that temperatures of 100.4F (38C) and above are dangerous for workers. Studies show that there’s an average of 2% reduction in work performance per each 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit once above 77F (25C). That’s a big productivity loss if you have hot buildings.

Syneffex™ coatings can be used not only on the roof/ceilings and walls to improve home energy efficiency and keep buildings cooler, but also on hot equipment. If you have manufacturing equipment that’s heating up the work environment, insulating that equipment with our industrial coatings can reduce the heat radiated into the area and help keep your employees cooler.

They’re also a great way for homeowners associations and property management companies to make their communities more energy efficient and sustainable.

How much cooler can thermal insulation coatings make my home or building?

The actual temperature reduction will depend upon your environmental temperatures and how much of the building envelope is insulated, but we can give you some real world examples of what to expect.

Cooler Attic

Attic in Dallas, Texas
(non-cooled space)

Outside temperature during testing:
103F to 104F (39.4C to 40C)
Before Syneffex™ coating was applied: 143F/61.7C (Yikes!)
After Syneffex™ coating was applied: 101F/38.3C (Better!)
A reduction of 42F/23.4C

Cooler Data Center

Data Center in Monterrey,
Mexico (cooled space)

Average high temperature in July is 96F/35.5C
Before Syneffex™ coating was applied: 92.7F/33.7C (Server shutdowns happened regularly)
After Syneffex™ coating was applied: 76.1F/24.5C (No heat related server issues anymore)
A reduction of 16.6F/9.2C

Need Some Heat Relief?

Just visit our Request a Specification page and give us a few details on your home or building and we’ll get a recommendation to you in 1-2 days. 

Already know how much you need? Purchase online here.  

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