Many years ago, I attended a Defense Department Corrosion Conference. Visitors would come by our booth and were astonished that a water-based coating could provide exceptional corrosion resistance AND thermal insulation. I told them, “That’s the power of nanoscience!” The dual benefits of high performing insulation AND anti-corrosion protection is our performance niche.

Stop Corrosion and CUI

Powerful corrosion resistance + insulation!

Stop Corrosion and CUI
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5 Ways Insulation Coatings
Mitigate Corrosion | CUI


Bonds With The Surface. Syneffex™ coatings bond directly to multiple metal surfaces; No primer required. The tight bond prevents corrosion caused when air and water reach the substrate surface.

Hydrophobic – Moisture Repellent. The patented nanotechnology component in our coatings, which insulates by having a low thermal conductivity, is also hydrophobic.

100% Coverage. Our coatings not only have excellent coverage rates, they are very easy to apply with standard paint application equipment. So you can get excellent coverage with either a sprayer or texture sprayer and apply while the equipment is in service.

UV/Weathering Resistance. Inside our technology, we have built exceptional resistance to elements that break down traditional coating films. Our clear coatings not only have 10+ year UV resistance, but also resistance to weathering in all types of extreme environments. This means that our coatings continue insulating and protecting your surfaces… no matter what nature throws at them.

Dual Duty | Insulation + Corrosion/CUI Control. Some products insulate, but cause corrosion under insulation. Other products prevent corrosion. We do it all! Our patented coatings ensure you protection from corrosion under insulation (CUI) and the same level of insulation performance for years to come.

Syneffex™ Coatings
Powerful Performance, Outstanding Protection

EPX-H20 (2-part, textured, grey or white)

High Heat (1-part, smooth, clear)



This is what we typically see when we walk into a facility to help them upgrade. Poorly performing insulation that traps moisture and causes severe corrosion issues.
Corrosion under insulation


This is the solution we provide. Thin film thermal insulation coatings (in either clear or white or grey) that take away the headaches, replacement costs, and corrosion issues to and make insulating your equipment easy.
Syneffex Clear Thermal Insulation Coatings
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