If you’ve visited our website or signed up for our Sustainability Newsletter, then you are probably very familiar with the power of nanoscience based thermal insulation coatings and some of the most common uses for our coatings in industrial and building sectors.

In the industrial sector, our Heat Shield™ EPX, High Heat, and PT coatings are used extensively on pipes, tanks, and various manufacturing equipment for effective and long-term insulation and corrosion prevention for both energy savings and safe touch solutions.

In the building sector, our Energy Protect™ and Crystal roof coating are used to easily upgrade the energy efficiency of a building, while also providing UV and mold resistant surface protection.

While these applications keep us happily busy helping organizations around the world save money, keep employees safe, and lower carbon footprints, there are those special days when something unique and unusual comes along.

Companies with problems they need to solve will use our coatings for things that we never envisioned before. We are problem solvers at heart, so you can image how excited we get when we find out our technology can provide a whole new set of solutions for people.

Here are a few of those creative uses of our coating technology that make us smile.

Icephobic coating to reduce icicle formation

1. Syneffex™ Coatings Create Icephobic Surface to Reduce Icicles & Improve Railway Safety

Network Rail, who runs most of the United Kingdom’s rail infrastructure, had been suffering from a multi-million dollar problem which was icicles forming on railway tunnels during the winter months. The cost was very high to continually send crews out to remove icicles before a dangerous break happened, which could crash onto the tracks and cause major safety issues.

They discovered our coatings and tried them for their hydrophobic properties, which they (rightly) thought could translate into an icephobic coating. Extensive multi-year tests were done to ensure our Energy Protect™ acted as an icephobic coating could do what was needed to help reduce icicle formation. They were very pleased with the results and moved forward with a full coating project plan to coat the tunnels and bridge soffits to both lower costs and improve safety.

Thin film nanocoating insulation for medical device

2. Syneffex™ Coatings Are a Key Energy Saving Component Inside an Innovative Medical Device

Edward Moore Design, a Canadian government recognized research and development lab, was developing a special heating and cooling system to be used in three unique medical devices; A machine to form X-ray invisible casts that could be worn while swimming, a portable sports medicine massage machine for physiotherapy, and an air conditioned/heated massage mattress cover.

The challenge was controlling the temperature of the heating and cooling system in a very confined area, and our thermal insulation coating was the answer. It allowed them to save substantial energy by speeding up the cooling process of the device, by nearly 2 times. It also prevented condensation and resulting potential mold, which was a vital benefit in the hospital setting.

Insulation coating for beehives

3. Syneffex™ Coating Technology is Saving Bees and Helping Them Thrive

Several years ago we received a call from a commercial beekeeper in Hawaii. They had purchased our Energy Protect™ coating online and used it to coat their beehives in an attempt to help keep their bees comfortable and healthy. There had been a critical problem happening in the bee community… a significant loss of the bee population and a direct cause for this had not yet been identified. The beekeeper thought he would start with the comfort of the bees. If they did not have to vibrate their wings and expend that energy to stay either cool (in the summer) or warm (in the winter), then he thought they may end up being healthier overall.

So he used our mold resistant insulating coating on the exterior of the hives and reported back on the improvement his bee population and brood strength (new healthy bees being born). We still have beekeepers that regularly purchase our coating to insulate and protect their hives.

insulation coating to boost horsepower for racecars

4. Syneffex™ Coating Technology Helps Race Cars Go Faster & Keep Drivers Cool

Australian V8 Supercar racing team, Betta Electrical, 

discovered our High Heat insulation coating many years ago and found that it was just what they needed to increase horsepower without adding drag or weight to the vehicle. They used it to coat the air intake manifold to reduce the air temperature, thus increasing horsepower, because the insulation helps to keep the air cooler – Compressing air raises its temperature and it’s beneficial to have the coolest air possible in the cylinder because the hotter the air is the less it will expand when combustion takes place.

The team also found that insulating the firewall (the area between the engine and the passenger compartment) helped reduce the heat that drivers had to endure during the race. It’s a pleasure to know that our technology helps drivers go faster, increase horsepower, and increase driver comfort.

These are just a few of the awesome uses that industrious and sustainably minded people have found for our technology. We get very excited when we get to solve a new issue that someone is facing, because that’s what we live for: We love helping people!

So, if there is an issue you’ve been having for years, but haven’t yet found a solution, we just might be able to help. Just drop us a line, and if there is something we can do to help we will definitely let you know or else do our best to steer you in the right direction.