Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

  • Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

Cities, towns, and other municipalities face many of the same challenges as manufacturers. They have hot pipes, tanks, exhaust systems, ductwork, and other equipment that they want to operate as efficiently as possible.

We’ve worked with a number of municipalities over the years and enjoy the opportunity to help them solve problems with our sustainable solutions. 

One that we’ve worked with recently is the City of Cocoa, Florida. The facility manager for their water reclamation facility came to us with a problem. The exhaust pipes that ran from an industrial blower were radiating heat and making the environment inside the metal building that housed them too hot and very uncomfortable for the employees.

Our Syneffex™ Team recommended a 7 coat application of the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O heavy-duty thermal insulation coating to reach their goals of lowering the radiated heat and reducing the surface to a safe touch temperature.

The exhaust pipes had an operating surface temperature of 152F (67C). The coating was spray applied while the pipes were hot and in operation for a fast and easy application.

After application, the surface temperature of the piping was reduced to below 100F (38C). This accomplished both objectives of reducing the ambient temperature inside the building where the pipes are housed and providing a safe-to-touch temperature for the pipes themselves.

Surface temperature reduction was more than 52F (29C).

After using Syneffex™ coating technology, the facility manager said that the EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating was “Working perfectly, exactly what we wanted it to do.”

Syneffex™ Coatings Provide Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

What are some other sustainable Syneffex™ projects for municipalities?

Here are a few others we’ve been proud to have worked on:

– Insulated roofs of school buildings to keep them cleaner and provide energy savings

– Insulated skylights of a new marketplace renovation for energy savings and glare reduction

– Lead encapsulation for multi-million dollar historic district renovation

Sustainable Solutions for Municipalities

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