Upcoming Syneffex™ Technical Articles Preview

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Upcoming Syneffex™ Technical Articles Preview

Syneffex’s Sustainability Accelerated™ tagline isn’t just for marketing, it’s a mantra we live by daily. Whether assisting factories with thermal insulation coating applications or being called on to solve difficult issues with process energy use, it’s our goal to help organizations save money, become more sustainable, and do it quickly and affordably.

One way that we’re able to spread that message is through technical articles that we’re invited to contribute to leading trade publications. These articles allow us to share ideas and methods for saving energy, improving worker safety, and insulating better with more durable and sustainable materials.

Two of these articles are coming out in the next month or so and we wanted to give you a sneak preview.

Tanks & Terminals – Autumn 2018 Issue

Tanks & Terminals is a quarterly supplement to Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine. In our technical feature article we discuss seasonal challenges for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries (though these could be applied to multiple industries too!).

Some of the challenges and solutions we discuss are:

– Corrosion and CUI 
– Fluctuating temperatures in the spring
– How to protect against product evaporation in the summer
– Keeping oil and other products flowing in the cold winter months
– Tips on the best time to do outdoor factory maintenance

Looking for ways to combat the challenges of insulating and protecting assets during seasonal climate changes? You can watch for the Autumn issue here:

Chemical Products Finder – June/July 2018 Issue

Chemical Products Finder is India’s premier source of information on innovative products for the chemical process and allied industries. It is published both in India and internationally. This particular issue revolves around equipment such as mixers, dryers, and evaporators, so we highlighted energy savings for dyers and ovens.

Case studies we discuss include:

– 2.2 ton daily steam savings that Heat Shield™ High Heat coating provided when used to insulate rotating dryer cans.

– Less than 1 year payback and savings of 40.03 BTU/h.ft2 that Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O offered a glove manufacturer insulating their conveyor oven.

We also go into detail on typical cost savings comparison between thermal insulation coatings (TICs) and older technology, like mineral wool.

Interested in understanding the benefits of thermal insulation coatings over less modern and less innovative forms of insulation? You can request a copy of the issue when it’s released later this month here:

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