One significant measurement that has become increasingly important in both the building and industrial sectors is the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in a material. VOCs are defined as a variety of chemicals that can be emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and can have both short-term and long-term adverse health effects.

Just as consumers have become more aware of chemicals in their foods and drinks, VOC regulations have done the same for materials and the impact that VOCs can have on both indoor and outdoor air quality. Studies have found that indoor VOCs can be up to 10 times higher than outdoor.

That can make for a home or workplace that makes you sick. Health effects can include eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, organ damage, and cancer.

An example of the types of regulations in place to limit VOCs:  Many states require that a roof coating or wall paint have VOCs at or less than 100 grams per liter. In some areas it’s half that level. You can find a summary of Architectural Coating Rules in California, which includes details on federal US EPA and state CARB guidelines here

Some common sources of VOCs include:

– Wood preservatives
– Paints and paint strippers
– Cleansers and disinfectants
– Fuels
– Building materials and furnishings
– Glues and adhesives
– Aerosol sprays
– Pesticides
– Permanent markets and copier toners

Zero VOC Means Cleaner, Healthier Air

Whether you’re in your home or workplace, clean air and a healthy environment is important. This is something we at Syneffex™ take very seriously, and all our products have always been low VOC from day one.

But we thought, “Can we get to zero?” We wanted to offer a zero VOC version of our thermal insulating paints for the most sensitive environments and to promote the healthiest buildings and factories. And we did it.

Zero VOC Healthy House Paint

Building Health

Our Healthy House Paint™ (for buildings too!) is an indoor/outdoor insulating and mold resistant paint that is zero VOC. In addition to being an energy saving paint, it is also mold/mildew resistant and highly UV resistant… and that all comes naturally, with no toxic ingredients. Our customers love that they can get these benefits AND their favorite custom colors too

It’s already gaining recognition, just check out this feature in this month’s Architect magazine.

Just paint it on and you’re not only saving energy, you’re making your home and building healthier.

Healthy Factories with Zero VOC PT Industrial Coating

Factory Health

We were recently asked for a much lower VOC thermal insulation coating for food storage equipment, so we went for zero with our brand new Zero-VOC PT thermal insulation, mold and corrosion resistant industrial coating.

It’s so new, it’s not even listed on our website yet, so just email us for a Data Sheet and SDS.

If you’re in the food manufacturing business, it may be of particular interest, but really any facility can benefit by reducing indoor and outdoor VOCs and from an easy, paint on thermal insulation coating for pipes, tanks, silos, and much more.

Healthier, More Sustainable Homes, Buildings, and Factories… that’s Our Mission.

Just drop us a line to find out how we can help reduce the VOCs where you live or work and improve sustainability and overall building health and efficiency.