Here in Denver, Colorado, summertime has officially arrived. Kites are flying, hikers are hiking, fly fisherman are fishing, and the days are longer and sunnier. 

While these activities are all part of wonderful summertime fun, the accompanying heat causes buildings to become hotter in lock-step with the increasing temperatures, and energy bills are on the rise.

We have a lot of customers that have sustainable energy savings goals and when the summer heat waves hit, researching insulation options moves to the top of their to-do list.  

If you are tasked with saving energy for your buildings, now is the perfect time of year to try Energy Protect™, our award-winning clear thermal insulation coating for walls, ceilings, skylights and more. We make it easy to get a quote and personalized specification for your project. Just fill out our Request A Sustainable Specification Form here.  Our Sustainable Specification is a report that includes all of the pertinent information and technical sheets, so that you can either make a confident decision or quickly share it with your team for rapid results. 

 In the past few weeks we have a lot of customers insulating their skylights and buildings. Many of them are doing the applications themselves. It is really simple. Others prefer to use their regular MRO contractors. Either way, we will help you every step of the way! White glove service is our everyday standard.

Thanks to the amazing power of nanoscience and our world class Development Team, increasing building energy efficiency significantly is just as easy as painting. Check out Energy Protect™ for yourself here:

You can expect compelling energy savings and improved building comfort when you use Energy Protect™.  It also has additional mold/mildew resistance, UV resistance and moisture resistance.

Enjoy a cooler summer today! Keep your energy inside!


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The Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida used Energy Protect™ on their skylights to stop UV damage to the artwork and increase energy efficiency. Read More.

Read Energy Protect Case Study

Hyundai used Energy Protect™ to insulate their corporate housing in Seoul, Korea and also to provide condensation and moisture resistance to walls. Read More.