Energy accounts for approximately 40% of the production of petroleum products.

So, whether oil is $100 per barrel or $40 per barrel, the cost of energy to create that oil and gas product is significant. Low oil prices have spurred a focus on cutting operational costs to improve profit margins in both upstream and downstream sectors. Most oil and gas corporations also have sustainability mandates and this push serves to meet goals for dual mandates.

We are working with plant managers who have significant corrosion issues that developed during the boom times and that are now the focus during these leaner times. We help them develop maintenance plans to repair, protect and insulate their tanks, pipes, and equipment with our cutting edge technology.

The Oil & Gas Industry is Now Choosing Syneffex™

Due to lower prices per barrel, the oil and gas industry has been reinventing themselves to further cut costs and find more sustainable ways to deliver their product.

Our company has been approached by and is working with some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. Why? Because our technology works and saves them money.

We are helping them insulate and prevent corrosion more effectively on things like pipelines, storage tanks, offshore platforms, and whole refineries.

A major challenge of the oil and gas industry with respect to thermal insulation is the fact that they often operate in regions of severe environmental conditions; the ocean, the desert, the coast, and the extremely cold regions of the world. These areas rapidly  challenge the structural integrity of traditional thermal insulation.

Harsh environments? No problem! We live for them!

Our innovative, patented coatings are well documented to provide  the combined performance qualities of:

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • CUI prevention
  • Moisture/mold resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Extreme weathering resistance

… while subjected to the aforementioned environmental extremes without the structural degradation of the insulation material experienced by traditional insulation.

Why is the Oil & Gas Industry (along with other manufacturing industries) Choosing Syneffex™ Technology?

It all comes down to making their day better.

Are you tired of walking around your facility and seeing equipment rusting and insulation failing?

The Syneffex™ product line is a new, simple, multi-benefit technology that is solving complex maintenance issues for the Oil and Gas industry.

Does your maintenance team have to wait around on older corrosion control coatings that need a minimum 4 hours to dry?

Quick Cure: Our coatings are dry to touch and can be rained on in as fast as an hour (in warm conditions).

Are you tired of aluminum cladding that just covers the problem and makes it difficult to do visual or ultrasound inspection on your pipes?

If you’ve got a coating of 6-coats or less of our High Heat or Translucent PT, you can! How easy is that?!

Our coatings simply make your day easier!

No cladding insulation! Our coatings don’t need a primer and don’t need a jacket or cladding.

SEE your pipe surface without removing the insulation.

Looking for a long term solution?  Our coatings last for 5-10 years or more with no additional maintenance needed and if used on heat producing equipment, the insulation related energy savings will result in a positive ROI as the payback period is typically just 6-18 months.

On the Spot Insulation & Protection

Our insulation technology is easy to transport and implement. Because our advanced thermal insulation is in a coating form, you can paint on a little at a time on a rolling basis, or do large discrete projects in a few days or over the weekend – the choice is yours. This gives you much more flexibility in how you implement your energy savings, MRO and safe-touch projects.

You can just give a gallon with brush, sprayer, or roller to each maintenance worker and as they ride around the plant have them spot check and fix any uninsulated or corroded areas.

Our technology saves money in energy costs, maintenance costs, replacement costs, and installation costs.

It’s an easy do-it-yourself application that fits into any small or large downtime windows.

Get Your Personalized Specification

Just fill out our Request a Specification Form, and we’ll give you a complimentary specification for your projects along with a cost and benefit analysis.

Join the sustainable leaders that are already benefitting from replacing 20th century fibrous insulation with today’s nano-engineered thermal insulation and anti-corrosion coatings.